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 PRIME Savings 15% Off Sitewide w/ Code PRIME15
  • Secondary image - Streetwise™ Large Hardbound Hidden Diversion Book Safe Streetwise™ Large Hardbound Hidden Diversion Book Safe - Book Safes

    Streetwise™ Large Hardbound Hidden Diversion Book Safe

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    A hardbound book on a bookcase is the last place they will ever look!

About Book Safes

Are you looking for a clever way to hide your valuables at home or in the office?

Book safes blend into your surrounding collection on any bookcase, secretly hiding your money, spare keys, flash drives, and more right out in the open. The average person won’t identify a book safe as anything special, limiting the likelihood that a burglar would even give it a second glance. The Home Security Superstore has a variety of safes that tuck away on your bookshelf. They’re affordable, savvy, and last for years. 

Best Features of Book Safes

Hiding a safe in a book is not only clever it also allows you to store your valuables separately if you desire. You can keep your vital documents in your obvious wall safe while tucking computer files and emergency cash in a second location on your living room shelves. Book safes are also great for items you want to grab in a hurry, including your emergency cash stash or the extra key for your vehicle. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of book safes – they’re not popular without reason. 

Realistic Look and Feel: Perhaps the greatest feature of a book safe is that it looks so much like an everyday item in your home or office. Many home safes disguised as books have a title on the side, a realistic binding, and may even have real pages on top of the safe compartment. The weight of the items inside even gives a book safe the feel of a real title when someone begins to lift it out of the shelf. 

Combination Lock or Key Option: Some book safes have a secret compartment that can simply be pulled open, but the more secure options have a locked compartment. You can choose a combination lock, which ensures that only you can ever open the safe, or use a key lock and hide the key in a different room. Either way, your valuables or firearm are safe from interference when the compartment is locked. 

Deep Compartments: You can keep more than a flash drive or small jewelry stash in your book safe. Many of these safes are large enough to accommodate a handgun, large stack of cash, jewelry box, passports, photobooks, or other sizeable objects. Book safes are tall and wide, so they fit in well with a dictionary or other large reference books on your shelf and have plenty of space inside for storing your stuff. 

Oil-Resistant Liner: Keeping the contents of your safe secure is about more than keeping thieves out – you also don’t want the items inside to be affected by moisture or other potentially damaging factors. Choose a felt-lined or MR3 hydrophobic material inlay to keep your valuables dry. An MR3 hydrophobic inlay is ideal for safes where you store a gun because it won’t absorb any protective oils. 

Keeping your belongings safe from party guests, burglars, or employees is easier than you think. You don’t have to install a wall or floor safe to keep the things that matter most to you secure- hide them in a book safe. Even better, the book safes at The Home Security Superstore are very affordable; you can buy and start using a book safe for as little as $20!

On the hunt for the best book safe? We’re here to help. Start by looking at the Streetwise Large Hardbound Diversion Book Safe and Streetwise Security Diversion Book Safe w/ Key Lock. If you still have questions about home security options, contact us today to learn more about securing your valuables without spending a fortune. 

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