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 PRIME Savings 15% Off Sitewide w/ Code PRIME15

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About Baby Monitors

Is your baby tangled in her blanket or just being fussy?

With video baby monitors, you never have to wonder again. Long gone are the days of audio-only monitors that often cut out and were hard to hear. Thanks to advances in technology, you can now see and hear what’s going on in the nursery by pulling up an app on your tablet. 

Keep up with your baby at all times using our high-quality baby monitors to ensure the health and safety of your little one. We offer numerous video baby monitors for your convenience, all of which are wireless and include many helpful features. 

Baby monitors are especially vital for new parents. You may be afraid to leave the room or leave your child unattended. With a wireless baby monitor, you take the guess work out. You never have to question what your child is doing, and with recordable playback, you will never miss an important moment or milestone.  

New WiFi baby monitors are nothing like the audio-only baby monitors of the past. Download the iOS or Android app to sync your  monitor with your smartphone. Keep an eye on your child wherever you go, whether you're in the next room, downstairs or away from home. 

The Covert WiFi Night Vision Spy Camera provides motion detection as well as infrared vision up to 30 feet for superior nighttime footage.

When you install discreet cameras in your baby’s room, you can check in on them at any point during nap time or overnight. Wi-fi cameras are easy to install and often have a built-in SD card to record footage. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular features of baby monitors.

Mounted Monitors: It’s easy to install a hidden surveillance camera thanks to the flat mounts attached to most of our models. You can add the camera to a wall or changing table near the crib for the best angle. 

Infrared Monitors: Recordable baby monitors with infrared capabilities allow you to get a clear video picture even when the lights are low. You won’t have to turn on the lights and wake your baby to get a visual on how they’re doing in the crib.

Live HD Streaming: Our baby monitors have live HD streaming, with up to 1080p resolution for a clear picture. You can watch the footage on most smart devices. The attached microphones add clear audio to the quality HD footage. 

Installing small indoor spy cameras and visible baby monitors leave you covered from all angles. You’ll never have to wonder if the kids are alright – you can turn on your smart device and see for yourself. Have questions about how to choose the right monitor or spy camera for home surveillance? We’re always here to help!

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