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Why Your Home Should Have Security Cameras

Burglary continues to be, without a question, the most popular crime in the United States with over 2 million of them reported every year. According to FBI statistics, a home burglary is committed every 13 seconds.

It is one of the easiest crimes to commit requiring no particular skill and perhaps only minimal equipment, if any, needed to break-in. According to police statistics only 13% of all reported burglaries are cleared because there are no witnesses and no physical evidence. So the chances of the bad guys getting caught are really very minimal.

This article explains why home burglary is so easy to commit, some steps you should take to prevent it and why your home should have security cameras.

85% of all home burglaries happen from non-professionals who are out looking for a quick score to feed their drug habit. An amazing 30 to 35% of all home burglaries don’t even require a physical break in because burglars enter through unlocked doors and windows. It usually takes a burglar less than 20 seconds to get into a house if he does have to break in using a simple screwdriver or small hammer.

Once inside a house, a burglar will steal over $2,000 worth of your property, on average, and commit another $2,000 or more in damage all in 10 minutes or less which is the average time burglars spend inside a home. So prevention is really the key to a successful home security program.

Burglary Prevention Tips

  1. Start by locking all your doors and windows even when you’re at home.
  2. Install inexpensive door and window alarms that act as loud burglar alarms when there is a break-in. Frequently the noise from an alarm is enough to scare these rookies away.
  3. The sight of security cameras around the home is enough to act as a deterrent to most burglars.
  4. Place signs in your front yard that warn of security cameras in place or of a vicious guard dog. Burglars see the signs when they are scouting neighborhoods for easy targets.
  5. Remove potential hiding places around lower-level doors and windows.
  6. Start or join the neighborhood watch program in your neighborhood. They are amazingly effective at deterring crime.
  7. Once you install security cameras, if there is a break-in, the chances of the burglar getting caught and you getting your stolen property back improve by 50% according to what police tell us. So security cameras not only act as a deterrent to prevent home burglary, but there is the video which can help catch the bad guys.

These Wireless Security Cameras have a range of 300 feet and can be viewed remotely.

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