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The Truth Behind Self Defense Batons-Why They Get No Respect

Self-defense items have really grown in popularity in the last decade or so. One the reasons for that of course is that the manufacturers have done a much better job of marketing them and letting people know that they are available. In the case of stun guns, for example, manufacturers have made them smaller, more powerful, easier to use and still very cost-effective in response to consumer demand for better personal security

Pepper sprays are the most popular of all self-defense products with stun guns coming in second-a distant second.

And even though these two popular devices lead the list of self-defense items, there is another product called self-defense batons that are much more effective and just as inexpensive, yet they are not that popular. They get no respect for personal security.

Batons are worn by nearly every police officer in the country. Even security guards wear them. They have been around forever and are the mainstay of crowd control and suspect compliance to lawful orders by police officers.

Pepper sprays and stun guns are effective as self-defense items 90% of the time on average. Tasers are close to 100% effective, but they cost $400 and up. A self-defense baton is 100% effective all the time. Rain or shine. You just need to be within arms reach of your assailant to use them.

The reason they don’t get any respect is because they aren’t sexy enough. They just don’t get the publicity that pepper sprays, stun guns or a taser gets.

Batons come in several different styles. There are electrified stun batons with voltages as high as 4.5 million volts. The electrified versions are either battery-operated or rechargeable. One of the best electrified versions is Stunmaster Mini Baton.

But when it comes to batons people more commonly think of non-electrified versions. If you have ever hit your shin on a bed post or hit your elbow on its crazy bone that is the sensation of being hit by one of these batons. There’s a wide variety of them out there from expandable baton with the 31 inch reach to a side grip baton.

Think about this for a moment. There has to be a reason why law enforcement officers carry batons on their utility belt. They are easy-to-use and very effective for personal security. Oh and did I mention you can get them for under $15.

If you ever feel threatened and have a stun baton handy simply brandish it at an assailant and he will think twice about giving you a hard time.

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