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The Top Four Most Popular Home Security Alarms

home security driveway alarm

If you’re good at math, you can figure out how many home burglaries will occur in the United States this year. One happens every 15 seconds according to law enforcement statistics. It is a whole bunch. Statistics also show that one out of every six homes is subject to home burglary.

Home burglary is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the country. While other categories of crimes are steady or in the decline, home burglary is on the increase. There are two reasons for this. First of all it’s a very lucrative business. For less than 10 minutes of work (the average time a burglar is in a home) the bad guys will take close to $1700 worth of goods from the home. Not a bad payday.

The second reason it’s on the increase is because it’s a low risk crime. Most burglaries are done during the day when there aren’t many people around in residential neighborhoods.

Because of all this the home security business is rapidly approaching $50 billion a year in sales. Burglar alarms, security alarms and alarm systems are becoming big sellers for companies like ADT and others. Those companies offer very good services but the price is pretty steep for many. That’s where products like a home security alarm or burglar alarms bought over the Internet come in.

They are just as effective at a fraction of the cost. Here are four of the most popular home security alarms. See if one of them won’t help with your home security.

The first is the very popular “Driveway Patrol” wireless driveway alarm alert. It is a motion activated infrared motion detection system that has a 400 foot range. It instantly alerts you inside your house when someone approaches your driveway or walkway in that range. It operates on 3 “C” batteries.

The second most popular home alarm is the so-called Barking Dog Alarm. Once armed it can protect an area up to 20 feet away. If someone enters that area the sound of an angry, barking dog starts. No one wants to mess with an angry, barking dog. That’s why this is so effective.

The third is a pack of four magnetic contact alarms. These are small wireless window alarms, which when installed properly, sound a 90 dB alarm when activated.

And last on our list of the four most popular home security alarms is the super doorstop wedge alarm. You wedge it underneath your door and if someone tries to enter, a movement sensor activates the unit sending off a 125 dB alarm. The non-skid pad on the bottom helps prevent the door from opening.

Those are four of the most popular home security alarms. These alarms are all very inexpensive and very effective and can improve your home security.

Please check all of our Home Alarms. One or more of them will certainly help your home security.

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