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Seven Female Self-Defense Tips to Keep You Safe

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While violent crime has decreased over the past quarter-century, it is still higher than it ever should be. Every 73 seconds, an American citizen is assaulted, and women are a common target, with nine out of every ten violent assault cases involving a woman as a target.  

Statistics show that assaults against women have increased in recent years, and female sexual assaults remain high—one in five women will be raped at some point in their lifetime. How do we, as a society, handle such a bizarre truth? Are systems of protection equipped to handle reports of assault?

While you should never consider yourself at fault if you are targeted for a victim of violent or sexual assault, you can take the power into your own hands. Assault prevention is a method of preparation you can undertake to teach you the basics about female self-defense.

Whether you’re out on the town with friends or heading from your dorm to the university library, you might be targeted along the way. You should take the necessary precautions to ensure you are protected at all times. One of the best ways to do this is to employ various self-defense items and techniques. These methods can involve exploring various types of self-defense safety devices for women or learning about the warning signs of a possible assault.

To best protect yourself, it is worth learning some key self-defense tips. The following tips regarding self-defense for women can help keep you safe against possible aggression wherever you are:

  • Most community centers offer self-defense classes to women. Local police departments, women’s health centers, and the YMCA can provide you with a class that teaches the foundations for every self-defense strategy.
  • Running or walking at night? Consider going with a group of friends—you’re less likely to be targeted with a group of people. If you can’t get friends to join, or would rather be alone, consider going during the middle of the day.
    • Stun Gun Flashlight: With the ability to illuminate and physically shock aggressors, this is a favorite self-defense weapon as it is so effective at stopping attackers.
    • Keychain Self-Defense Weapon: Used in close conditions, these sharp devices can help you fight off an attacker as a last line of defense.
    • Pepper Spray: Easy to carry, this can be deployed from a distance, letting you incapacitate aggressors and giving you the time to effectively escape unscathed.

Prior to using any of these items, you should ensure you are properly trained with them, all so you can use them properly when forced to do so. All items can be readily stored within a purse or bag, but you should be wary of where you keep your pepper spray: Do not leave it in a car, especially in hot weather, as the pressurized contents within could explode.

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  • While once common, hitchhiking should be avoided at all costs. Consider instead relying on a bus, Uber, taxi, or friend if you’re truly in need of a ride.
  • Whenever possible, avoiding taking isolated forms of transportation at night. These involve stairwells, parking garages, elevators, and walking paths. The isolation of them can make you an easy target. Instead, find well-lit areas or consider having a buddy to walk with.
  • Remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Never get lost staring at your phone, wherever you are. It’s easy to get distracted, but distraction can be a weak spot an attacker will take advantage of. If you ever feel uncomfortable while out walking, consider acting as if you’re talking on your phone, as it will involve a witness to deter attackers.
  • Keep your cool whatever the situation, whether road rage or a simple incident involving you and another person. Losing your cool can lead to an issue far more serious than you’re looking for. It’s always better to de-escalate whenever possible.

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While you’ll never know of every danger lying in wait, you can take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. The above suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to self-defense for women. The self-defense weapons at Home Security Superstore are both a good start and a last defense to ensure you remain protected wherever you are.

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