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Self Defense: Cheap Stun Guns Under Twenty Five Dollars-The Top Four

Stun guns are effective self-defense tools that are used for personal security and personal defense. They can immobilize an attacker for up to 10 minutes once the electrical charge that comes from two probes on one end causes the body to over stress. It depletes the body of all blood sugars needed for energy.

Many people are under the impression that self-defense products, including stun guns, are expensive. And indeed some of them can run $60 or $70. But they don’t need to cost that much. Here are four cheap stun guns that are under $25. They are powerful and they are loaded with features.

First is the Monster brand pink stun gun that’s rechargeable. It is 3.5 million volts and has a built-in LED flashlight. It has a heavy duty coating to make gripping easier. It is only 4 inches tall, 2 inches wide and three fourths of an inch thick. It comes with a black nylon carrying case. It is only $18.95 and also comes in black.

Second is the Small Fry pink stun gun by Streetwise. It is 7.5 million volts making it one of the most powerful stun devices. It has a slide out charger that plugs directly into a wall so it saves you money on batteries. It has a bright LED flashlight and a disable pin which prevents an attacker from using the stun gun against you when the disable pin is pulled out. It has a safety switch, and the button that activates the gun must be pressed before it can operate. It sells for $22.95.

The Security Guard stun flashlight is 4,000,000 volts and has a bright three LED flashlight with tactical rubber coating. It is rechargeable and has a lifetime warranty as well. It is 7 inches tall, 1 1/4 inches wide and weighs 11 ounces in its holster. It sells for $24.95.

And finally the “Touchdown” Stun Gun Flashlight that is 5,000,000 V of pure unadulterated power. It is 9.9 ounces in an 8 inch tall three-inch wide and 2 inch thick flashlight. It includes a durable nylon holster with belt loop for easy carrying. It also has a lifetime warranty and is manufactured by Streetwise. The unique feature of this stun gun is the “grab guard” stun strips on the side of the stun gun that send electric current down the top of the unit shocking anyone who would attempt to take it away from you. The coating of rubberized armor ensures a firm grip.

Those are four very cheap stun guns under $25 for personal defense and personal security.

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