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Parenting: Nanny Spy Cameras-Three Of The Best

nanny spy

A nanny camera can be another set of eyes for you in keeping tabs on your kids when you’re not there. It is almost like having a babysitter for the babysitter or nanny. You can improve your home security with a nanny camera too, not just by keeping on eye on the babysitter; but if you have it positioned properly, you can watch the front door and catch burglars on video should they enter your house.

So a nanny camera can do a lot more than just keep an eye on the babysitter. If you suspect that you have an unfaithful spouse, a nanny camera can catch him. If things are disappearing around your house and you suspect someone is stealing from you, a nanny camera is good way to catch them with their hand in the cookie jar.

There are many hidden spy cameras to choose from that have different capabilities. Here are three of the best nanny cameras for you to consider for your home security.

1. The spy clock DVR with projection display. It is an alarm clock radio with AM/FM and a motion activated spy camera. The time projection display features nine LEDs for bright illumination. The DVR has multiple recording modes including manual, alarm, motion detection and continue. All video is date time stamped. Video is recorded on up to a 32 GB ST card that is not included. All functions can be done by remote control.

2. One of the most popular is the Tissue Spy Camera DVR. This low lux night vision camera can record in almost complete darkness. It uses a Sony CCD wide-angle 104 degree 2.5 mm mini lens. You can use up to a 32 GB SD card to record video. It uses motion activation which allows you to only record when there is activity. The 4 GB SD card that comes with the camera can record up to 24 hours of color video.

3. Another very popular hidden spy camera is the infrared motion alarm spy camera DVR. It is a working motion sensor alarm that can detect even the most miniscule movements. In addition, it is a fully functioning DVR that can record video. The remote control functions work up to 100 feet away. It has multi-alarm triggering, remote control operation and a wall mounting unit.

These are three of the best spy cameras for use as a nanny camera. The reason they are so effective is because no one would ever suspect that they are being recorded which makes them effective in other settings like office or business use as well.

Check out all of our other Nanny Spy Cameras to see which one is best for you.

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