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Outdoor Spy Cameras-The Two Most Popular

Hidden spy cameras and spy cameras have been used by law enforcement agencies like the FBI and the CIA for decades. They got their start back in the Cold War with the CIA using hidden security cameras and hidden spy cameras to catch spies for both sides. There’s nothing better than some incriminating evidence to turn a spy.

They used to be very expensive and difficult operate to say the least. NBC made a fortune off of a series where they showed undercover reporters luring unsuspecting perverts into a house thinking there was an underage girl there waiting to do sexual favors. That series ran for a long time and really gave people a feel for how effective hidden security cameras are.

Spy cameras and hidden cameras are tiny cameras inside products that people are used to seeing on a day-to-day basis. By themselves you do not record the images merely transmit them to a monitor of some kind for viewing. And for many people that’s enough. But the latest versions of these hidden security cameras have a DVR built right into them. So you can record video up to as much as 144 hours depending on the capability of the DVR. Some of these so-called all-inclusive hidden cameras also have a tiny microphone for recording audio.

Almost all covert cameras and hidden security cameras are meant for indoor use. Only recently have outdoor spy cameras come into vogue. Outdoor spy cameras present a whole other set of problems that have to be overcome first is the weather. They have to be weatherproof and second is night vision capability. They must be able to see at night.

Here are the two most popular Outdoor Spy Cameras.

The first is the Home Spy LED bulb floodlight with DVR. It has a motion activation range of up to 10 meters or 33 feet. Once motion is detected a floodlight comes on followed by video and audio recording. The unit offers adjustable sensitivity, audio alerts, night mode and record mode settings. It uses an SD card to record audio and video. It has two pre-recorded audio alarms and two alarms that the user can record.

This unit can only be mounted on a wall. It includes everything that you need to install it. The override capability on the SD card allows you to never lose audio or video.

The second one is a brand-new outdoor trail home spy DVR. It is one of the few outdoor spy cameras on the market today that can record specifically at night. It can take still and video pictures. It also records audio. It uses an eight megapixel camera for outstanding picture clarity. It has a 16 MB internal memory and will support an SD card up to 2 GB. It is meant to monitor hunting game trails in the outdoors but it can also monitor your driveway or your car or the external part of your house.

We invite you to check all of our Outdoor Spy Cameras.

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