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Man Caught Selling Stolen Goods-How You Can Protect Your Valuables

Man Caught Selling Stolen Goods-How You Can Protect Your Valuables

This is the story of a burglar who operated for two months and in that time burglarized 42 homes that police know of. He was caught selling some of his $100,000 worth of stolen property at local pawn shops.

You can read the whole story HERE.

The items he stole were mostly cash, jewelry, and a rare stamp collection-things that were easily converted into cash. The Chandler Police Department got a tip and turned it over to Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Xtreme life Mantel Clock Spy Camera can be used as a nanny camera of course but it can also catch burglars in action burglarizing your home.

But more importantly if you have any amount of valuables at your home in cash, jewelry or credit cards worth more than the deductible for your homeowners insurance you should have a two-hour fireproof Home Security Safe that also has some characteristics that make it burglar proof.

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