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Home Security – The Two Best Diversion Safes For Protecting Your Valuables

No one is exactly sure why home burglary is the fastest growing category of crime in the country. Many law enforcement officials feel it is because of the economy-when bad times hit, good people do bad things. Whatever the reason, burglary continues to be a major thorn in the side of police.

The reason is simple: only 5% of all burglars get caught. So it is a relatively low risk crime for the bad guys. But the payoff is usually pretty good with over $1700, on average, stolen from a home in a burglary. Nearly one out of every six homes in the United States is burglarized every year. That’s a lot of burglaries. They have become so commonplace that they seldom even make the news anymore.

If you want to find out more about how often they happen, just look at a police blotter sometime.

And burglars know what they’re looking for. They spend on average less than 10 minutes in any one house. They’re looking for high-value products that are easily carried out of the house and also easily pawned to bring quick cash.

So what does that include? Cash would be at the top of the list, followed by jewelry, credit cards and handguns as the most valued items to steal in a house.

The best way in our opinion to prevent things from being stolen from your house is to prevent entry in the first place. That is the subject for another day. In this article we will talk about how to protect your things from being stolen once a burglar is inside your house.

Armed with the information that he only has 10 or less to find what he’s looking for, the most obvious answer is to hide things so that he can’t find them or in the alternative, place them in a safe that he cannot crack.

Safes have long been the best way to protect valuables. But they can be a little bit on the expensive side. That’s where diversion safes come in. Diversion safes are common, ordinary objects that people are used to seeing in a home but they have a hollowed out interior that is big enough to hide cash, credit cards and jewelry.

Here are two of the most popular diversion safes.

One looks like a book that is big enough to even hold a handgun. It has a locking compartment with a key, but the main purpose of this book diversion safe is using the principle of “hiding it in plain sight.”

The second most popular diversion safe looks like a can of shaving cream. No one would think to look for cash or jewelry inside the bottom of such an item.

By far the most popular diversion safe is the Book Hidden Safe. It is big enough to even hide a handgun.

The Shaving Cream Safe can hide cash, credit cards and jewelry in “plain sight.”

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