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Home Security Cameras-Two Of The Best

Home security is one of the largest and fastest growing business segments in the country. People are always looking for ways to protect their home from home burglary and home invasion and a home security camera is one of the best ways to do it.

Here are two of the best security cameras on the market today that can increase your home security by leaps and bounds.

The first is an IP wireless motion security camera. This device records directly to your hard drive on your computer so no extra equipment is needed. It turns your PC into a DVR with remote viewing so you can see what your camera sees from anywhere in the world. Just log onto the IP address and you’re good to go. They can be used for residential surveillance, business surveillance, automobile security, as a nanny camera or allow you to keep an eye on a vacation home or rental property from anywhere in the world. It produces excellent resolution and has a range of close to 300 feet. It has a motion activation feature so when the camera detects motion a buzzing sound starts. The software can support up to four cameras. The high-tech capability prevents it from interfering with routers.

The second is a Home Spy LED bulb floodlight with DVR. It has weatherproof design and a 180° motion activation range up to 32 feet with of 90° field of view. When motion is detected a light comes on and so does the DVR with audio so you can record what people are saying and doing. Multiple settings are offered with adjustable sensitivity audio alerts. It uses an SD card to record the images. It has a feature so if it runs out of memory it records over the oldest file so you’re always assured of having the latest recording. All videos are date/time stamped. All materials needed for mounting are included.

There are many advantages to having remote viewing as it is called. That is a capability of seeing what’s on your camera from anywhere in the world that there’s an Internet connection. It literally allows you to be in two places at one time. You want to see what’s going on at your house when you’re at work? You want to see what your kids are doing when you’re on vacation? You want to see who’s using your vacation home when you’re not there? You want to keep an eye on your business when you’re at home? An IP Security Camera allows you to do all these things and more.

As far as home security goes there are very few things that are as effective as a deterrent as seeing a security camera over the front door. You always hear stories about burglars breaking in in broad daylight. And it does happen. But one of the most effective deterrents to home burglary and home invasion is a security camera.

The Home Security Superstore is one of the oldest and largest independent distributors of high quality Home Security Cameras, surveillance, spy, self-defense, survival and safety products. We carry a wide range of self-defense products including tasers, stun guns, pepper sprays and other non-lethal weapons that can save your life in the event of an attack.

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