Home Security-Best Two Ways To Stop Home Burglary And Home Invasions

Many police officials believe that home burglary and home invasions are on the increase now because of the economy. Most other categories of crime are on the decline but not home invasions and home burglaries.

There was an interesting story not long ago from a Fox news affiliate about the Castle doctrine. The Castle doctrine allows gun owners to defend themselves in their cars and businesses along with their homes from an armed assailant in a home invasion. You can read the whole story HERE.

If home invaders and home burglars know that they may be walking into a home where the homeowners are armed and can defend themselves, I guarantee you that those two categories of crime will go on the decline.

The other way that you can stop home burglary and home invasion is by getting a security camera.

The pan and tilt Home Security Camera once it is hooked up, allows you to see who is at your front door from your TV screen. So no more surprises when you open the door. It is also a proven fact that burglars when they see a home security camera will move onto another home.

With the holidays rapidly approaching many are still doing their shopping. Here for the last time are our Holiday Shopping Safety Tips.

Stay safe out there!

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