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Home Security: The Best 8 Ways to Stop Home Burglary and Home Invasions

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One of the greatest concerns for a homeowner is a home break-in. A home burglary occurs every 26 seconds. Do you want to leave your home unprotected against an intruder? 

A darker truth is that home break-ins spike during the holiday season. The last thing you want is for your home to be a target during this festive time of year. You should begin fortifying your home rather than taking your chances. 

At The Home Security Superstore, we are committed to providing customers with products that protect them against harm. Our vast inventory of products, from home security cameras to self-defense weapons, are designed to protect you at all costs—but how can they, and other methods, be used to protect your home against burglary and home invasions? 

Here are some ways to protect your home against an intruder. 

1. Let there be light. 

Outdoor lighting has been shown to deter crime at an exceptional rate. Why does this work for homeowners? First, having lights on within your home gives the impression that someone is home. Second, outdoor lighting makes it easier to spot and identify a criminal—and the last thing a criminal wants is to be caught in the act.  

Smart lighting can be installed inside your house to give the perception that someone is home, even if no one is, while outdoor motion-sensor lights can be kept on to scare off any unwanted criminals early in the morning or late at night. 

2. Keep valuables out of sight. 

Valuables are bound to be out on display during the holidays, whether those are expensive decorations meant to impress guests or gifts stored underneath the Christmas tree. While inviting to family and friends, it might also invite an intruder into your home. 

Valuable items should be kept out of sight from windows. This small hiding act can make it so anyone peering through your windows won’t be able to see goodies on display. Be mindful of what you keep out in the open, too. Any high-ticket items should be stashed away in a protected place, such as an in-home safe

3. Improve your locks and entrances. 

One of the first things you should consider when improving home security is enhancing the locks around your house, particularly at major entranceways, such as windows and doors. A properly fortified door will not be able to be kicked in or broken into, while the simple act of locking your windows can cause a criminal to move on to another home. 

The addition of a doorbell camera system can be enough to secure the front of your home, too. These noticeable devices are likely to scare off any criminal, whether they’re a porch pirate or someone scoping out your house. 

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4. Make some noise. 

Generated noise will give off the appearance of someone being home, acting as a deterrent just like indoor lighting. Consider connecting devices like a radio or television to a timer, so they will turn on with lights during waking hours. Moreover, connect to a device like your home’s Amazon Alexa to stream music. 

5. Don’t leave spare keys out in the open.

The key hidden under the welcome mat is a societally known trope. Forgo leaving a spare key outside so as not to welcome a criminal into your home with open arms. 

6. Maintain your property. 

Overgrown trees and bushes make for great hiding spots. The same goes for leaf piles allowed to accumulate or any other brush that goes unmaintained. Take the time to clean up your property. This simple act can deter criminals from targeting your home, providing them with no hiding spots where they can perform a stakeout. 

If you want to take it a step further, consider planting thorny bushes by your windows. These painful plants will divert anyone trying to peek into your home. 

7. Utilize security cameras.

Install home security cameras around your property. It might not sound like much, but these are highly effective at deterring crime. Just like outdoor lighting, this will signal to intruders that they will be caught on camera and that you will have evidence of them. Consider placing a security camera warning sign in your front yard or by your driveway if you want to take it a step further. This simple task will act as a warning, letting criminals know that you are prepared to catch them in the act. 

cctv security camera

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8. Get to know your neighbors.

Last, be a good neighbor. Getting to know one another is a great way to protect your home. How? Because you’ll have someone who cares about your safety as much as their own, keeping an eye out for anything that looks out of the ordinary, contacting the police in your stead to protect your neighborhood. 

Secure Your Home Now

Home security doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. You can protect your home with some simple foresight, taking measures to secure your home both inside and out. 

Not sure where to start? Take a closer look at the products available at The Home Security Superstore to find devices that fit your home protection needs. 



How does outdoor lighting protect your home? 

Outdoor lighting can deter crime by 1) making it seem as if someone is home and 2) illuminating a criminal, causing them to run out of fear of being caught or identified. 

Am I safe leaving a spare key outside of my house? 

If you’re leaving it under the welcome mat or that one unique rock beside your front door, no.

How do doorbell cameras work? 

Doorbell cameras record whenever a person approaches your door. They can deter crime and capture footage of porch pirates and potential home intruders. 

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