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Effective Home Security – Affordable Home Security Products

There are over 100,000,000 single-family dwellings in United States today. Home ownership is still at an all-time high. And with all the news about crime and home burglary in particular, many homeowners still do not take even minimal precautions to protect their investment, which for most people is the single largest investment they have averaging $200,000 and up.

For the life me I can’t figure out why more homeowners do not take any steps to protect their homes. Maybe it’s because they think that home security is too expensive. Is that being a pound wise and a penny foolish? Or are they willing to play the odds? After all, only one out of every six homes on average gets burglarized every year. As dirty Harry used to say, “do you feel lucky?”

Isn’t it more prudent to take some steps to improve your home security and not play the odds and? Of course it is. And if you think it has to be expensive, think again. Yes it is true that you can get monitored home security that can be pricey. Or you can do a lot of improvements to your house in the name of security like electrified fences or armed security guards, but that’s a little extreme.

Here we are going to talk about some cheap home security products that are very effective. That’s why they’re so popular. They have a track record of success and people do talk and spread the word about what works and what doesn’t work.

Simple, easy to install window alarms and door alarms are inexpensively priced starting at less than four dollars each. You can get much cheaper than that. When a burglar hears the siren sound of a door alarm or window alarm it usually spooks him and causes him to leave. These alarms work by contact strips on the inside of the door or window frame and the door or window itself. When the contact is broken, as in a window or door opening, an alarm sounds.

Then a little bit more elaborate are our motion detector alarms. They can sound an alarm up to 125 db when motion is detected inside a room. Most motion alarms work on passive infrared technology (PIR), which is similar to radar. It is virtually impossible to move through a room without being detected and sounding the alarm.

Both motion detector alarms and window and door alarms are an effective and inexpensive way to improve your home security.

You should have Window/Door Alarms at all your home entry ways because they are so effective and so inexpensive.

Motion Activated Alarms can’t be circumvented which is why they are so effective.

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