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Diversion Safes-King Sized To Hide More Valuables

Diversion Safes-King Sized To Hide More Valuables

Diversion Safes are ordinary products with hollowed out insides to store valuables. Most are relatively small so they can only hold small items.

But the two liter Diet Coke Bottle and the two liter Coke Bottle shown here have bigger compartments in the base of the bottle which pulls apart to reveal a hidden compartment in the area behind the label. Portions above and below the label are filled with actual soda to keep the deception level high. No thief would think to look or have time to look in every can or bottle which is why Diversion Safes are so effective.

We have close to 75 Diversion Safes to choose from.

Check out all of our selection of close to 200 Safes one of which is bound to meet your security needs.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Have you ever used a safe as part of your home security? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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