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Dakota 1/2 Mile Hose Alert-Product Review

Dakota 1/2 Mile Hose Alert-Product Review

The Dakota one half-mile hose alert can be a valuable home security tool for you. When a vehicle drives over the rubber hose an alert signal is sent to the DCR 2500 receiver that can be as much as a half a mile away. The DCRH 2500 is a very reliable and easy to install driveway alarm. The transmitter operates on a 9 volt battery and has a 25 foot 3/8 inch diameter exterior hose that lies across the driveway. The transmitter is weatherproof and is meant for outdoor locations. Up to four zones can be monitored with additional transmitters which can be programmed so they can each sound a different tone at the receiver. The receiver can be user programmed so the 12 V DC terminal and relays can be set to activate for 1, 10, 60 seconds or 10 minutes. There’s an adjustable volume control and easy do-it-yourself installation. It can operate in -30° to +120°- in all kinds of weather.

The Dakota Driveway Alarm has replacement hoses and extra transmitters available.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Have you ever used a driveway alarm? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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