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Disable Attackers Up To 45 Minutes w/ Pepper Spray!
Disable Attackers Up To 45 Minutes w/ Pepper Spray!
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Infidelity Test Kits

Are you looking for a way to resolve a cheating accusation in your relationship?

If you suspect that your partner has cheated on you and want to get some answers, turning to science may be the solution you’re looking for. An infidelity test kit is affordable, and they have been around for nearly a decade now. The test is easy to use and delivers quick results. Each box contains enough supplies for multiple tests, too. Here are some quick facts about using infidelity test kits to help you decide if this is the right route for you. 

Learning More About Infidelity Test Kits

You’ve probably heard of paternity tests, but many people don’t know there are at-home kits to test for signs of infidelity. If you have noticed strange behavior from your partner and suspect they may be involved in intimacy outside of your relationship, a test kit may provide further evidence or exonerate them. Either way, you will be one step closer to the truth. Here are some quick facts about the affordable CheckMate kit, which is available right here at The Home Security Superstore.

What Does the Kit Test For?

Infidelity test kits are looking for evidence of dried semen. It should be noted that it won’t give you a profile of who the sample belongs to, just a generic positive or negative result. The kit can detect the presence of semen from up to seven days before the date of the test. Each kit has five different tests, and you should keep them separated in the event of multiple tests so you don’t risk cross-contamination. 

How Does the Kit Work?

Each kit contains a dropper, two different fluids, and test paper. If you get back from vacation and suspect that your boyfriend or girlfriend had company while you were gone, use the dropper to put fluid from the “1” bottle onto your bed sheets. Take a test paper and dab it onto the fluid. Then drop fluid from the “2” bottle onto the test paper. If the paper turns purple, semen has been detected. The test kit can be used on more than just sheets; you may also use the fluid on undergarments, couches, or other places where you suspect evidence would show up. 

How Soon Will I Get the Results?

CheckMate Infidelity Test Kits will give you a positive or negative result within five minutes. Bear in mind that you should only test one site per test paper. If you want to do multiple tests of different areas in your home, use a unique test at each place and wait five minutes each time. In some cases, positive results may appear even sooner than five minutes. 

Can I Use the Kit on Any Type of Clothing?

Yes, an infidelity test kit can be used on any type of fabric. The kit is designed not to stain or damage any materials, either, so you can wash the sheets or clothing afterward and use them again.

Fighting about infidelity in your relationship is a serious topic, and turning to a CheckMate 5 min Infidelity Test Kit could give you a quick resolution one way or the other. The helpful instruction booklet in every test kit helps ensure that you are able to perform the tests accurately and get effective results. 

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