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About Color Spy Cameras

You’re trying to record trespassers on your property or theft in the stockroom, but shadows and lighting make video recording quite hard. That’s why you need color spy cameras when black and white just won’t capture the details you need.

Color spy cams help distinguish the perpetrator from his surroundings, delineate the evidence in the suspect’s hands or clothing, and record very clear suspect descriptions. They document a blue or black shirt, tattoos or scars, hair color, etc. And, they record a car as being metallic silver or matte gray.

A spy camera that records in full color is the right undercover camera for you if you want to capture accurate video of:

  • Retail store theft
  • Home trespassing
  • Car accidents
  • Burglaries
  • Spy Cameras with full color video, like the USB Flash Drive Spy Camera with DVD, are great cameras to employ, so you can record in high resolution and take 5-megapixel images. Don’t be left without the evidence. Get your color spy cam today.

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