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About LawMate Spy Cameras

Your life as police detective or private citizen isn't always an easy one. Whether you're investigating crimes or have the unfortunate luck to be a victim of one, it's up to you to gather the necessary evidence against the perpetrators. When you're investigating crimes or compiling evidence, LawMate Spy Cameras are on your side.

LawMate Cameras give you the critical tools needed to record and outwit the suspects. They'll be recorded on video and won't be the wiser.

LawMate Spy Cameras:

  • Look just like a wristwatch
  • Hang on your key ring for covert recording and capturing audio
  • Appear to be a cell phone
  • Take the form of a shirt button for ultra-covert surveillance

Lawmate cameras take many forms to fit a variety of situations where surveillance and protection are of utmost importance.

As a law enforcement offer, a private investigator, or even a regular citizen, you need tools that make your life easier and safer. You need LawMate Spy Cameras to assist you no matter what type of scenario you find yourself in. Order yours today!