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About Keychain Spy Cameras

Walking to and from your car is one of the most common areas to be accosted. Parking lots, garages, alley ways—breeding grounds for criminals. So in addition to the pepper spray you have hanging on your keychain, you need a Keychain Spy Camera to capture the evidence of any malfeasance.

Keychain Spy Cameras are nearly invisible spy cameras that you can hold in your hand, or hang from your ignition, without anyone suspecting that you're recording their every move. Keychain Cameras appear just like a set of car keys, or like the fobs you'd use to open a gate or front door of an apartment building. They certainly don't seem like they'd house high-resolution cameras that can capture video or still images. And, they don't give away the fact that you might be recording video and audio.

These days, criminals can claim all sorts of things—and it's your word against theirs. Don't let them twist the story after the fact. Get a Keychain Camera to prove what really happened. Order now and stay protected.