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About Hand Held Spy Cameras

If you saw someone jotting down notes at work, would you think they were spying on you? What if you spotted another person standing on the corner flicking a cigarette lighter? Does “he's a spy” come to mind?

We're guessing you'd answer “no” in both situations. And, we think most people would agree with you.

Hand Held Spy Cameras that look (and sometimes act) like pens, lighters, calculators, flashlights, key rings, and cell phones are your secret weapon when it comes to getting what you need on someone covertly and protecting yourself.

Hand Held Cameras record video and often audio, and they're meant to last long on a charge or on batteries so you have hours of recording capabilities if you need it. Some Spy Cameras that are hand held are easily worn on your body too, in case you want your hands free for car keys and other items. Order yours today to capture the evidence without anyone knowing or seeing a thing.