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A tiny way to do a big job!

About Pen Spy Cameras

A spy pen isn’t just a prop in an old-timey caper movie, it’s a state-of-the-art security product you can use to protect yourself and your investments! Today’s spy pens are so technologically advanced they include features like motion detection, hundreds of GB of memory, and even full-color video recording.

Imagine you suspect a business partner is ripping you off…simply use your pen camera to record your subsequent conversations. Maybe you’re in an abusive relationship and need to record evidence to take to the police. Whatever your reason, The Home Security Superstore’s huge selection of camera pen products and accessories can help keep you out of a bind or even add support to a criminal case. Be sure to check the laws in your state regarding recording audio and video.

If you’re looking for a spy pen that’s more than a pen camera, we can help with that too. Several video pens we sell can also be used as tactical weapons – able to break through glass! – if necessary. Don’t wait until you miss your opportunity. If you need to record someone or something without tipping anyone off, invest in a camera pen from The Home Security Superstore. We offer the guaranteed lowest price available!