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Tips on How to Use Self-Defense Stun Guns Safely & Properly

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When it comes to self-defense, you need an item that is sure to protect you. Whether it’s to physically defend yourself or to incapacitate an aggressor so you are free to escape, you need a self-defense device that works.

Pepper spray has long remained the favorite item for people seeking to improve their defenses, as it allows them to stop an attacker with distance to spare, but there are other devices that are just as useful if not more effective. One of our favorite non-lethal self-defense weapons is the stun gun.

What Is a Stun Gun?

When people think of a stun gun, they often think of tasers—hand-held weapons that can be used to stop assailants. While tasers can also come in projectile forms, stun guns differ in their implementation of electric shock: Stun guns use high voltage and low amperage to disable aggressors for as long as 10 minutes. The use of high voltage and low amperage is especially efficient, as it provides an immense non-lethal shock to an assailant without causing serious physical harm.

Per self-defense experts at Home Security Superstore, stun guns are best described as “small handheld devices with two or more prongs on one end that conduct an electrical charge generated by batteries,” most of which are rechargeable. Once activated, the electric arcs fly back and forth between the prongs, creating an intimidating array of sights and sounds, which is enough to scare away an attacker.

How a Stun Gun Works

Besides acting as an intimidating self-defense weapon, a stun gun is made to effectively protect you against any type of aggressor. Once the prongs have entered into your targeted assailant, the device will apply the high-voltage electric shock to their body.

A stun gun works by interfering with the body’s nervous system—our natural electrical system, which allows the brain to communicate with other bodily functions—by emitting a great amount of electrical “noise.” Think of it like trying to talk on the phone: if there’s a lot of static in the background, or you have a poor signal, it will be difficult to communicate with another person, and you might lose your bearing of the conversation altogether.

The voltage applied by the stun gun works similarly, making it difficult for your attacker to control his muscles, leaving them confused and partially paralyzed. Furthermore, this bodily stress will deplete the body of its blood sugars, which are necessary to provide energy, which will leave your attacker unable to move, giving you ample time to flee a dangerous scenario.

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How to Be Safe While Using a Stun Gun

So, you think a stun gun might be right for you, but you’re unsettled by the harm it can cause. No worries. You can effectively use one of these devices by following these safety tips:

  • Prior to purchasing your device, it’s smart to check whether one of these self-defense weapons is legal within your state.
  • Read the device’s directions carefully.
  • Understand this is a weapon and you should only use it when necessary.
  • Whenever carrying your stun gun, ensure the safety switch is on to protect both you and other bystanders.
  • Know your way around your stun gun: Memorize where the on-off switch and activation button are so you have mastery over the feel and usage of the self-defense weapon.
  • Consider testing the item once purchasing it, simply turning it on to become acquainted with the sound and sights brought on by activation. If you do fire the device, do not activate for more than one second; however, do not, under any conditions, test the item on any friends, family, or pets.
  • Prior to carrying your device on you, make sure it is charged. You want to ensure your device is prepared prior to using it. Yet avoid overcharging, as this can void the product’s warranty.
  • Again, overcharging can void the warranty. Under normal use, we recommend that the batteries be recharged for eight hours every two months.

There are many stun guns available to the public, and they all have their benefits, from storage capabilities to the amount of voltage they emit to an assailant. By following these tips, you can safely carry a stun gun, understanding that it should be used only when required.

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If you have more questions about training and self-defense tips concerning stun guns and other safety devices, considering reaching out to the experts at Home Security Superstore.

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