High Voltage Is Very Important In Stun Guns

The birth of the stun gun goes back to the 1930s when a cattle prod was invented. Back then 10,000 volts was about all you needed to move a cow. The law enforcement types and military agencies saw the potential of the cattle prod as a useful weapon, a nonlethal weapon, to apprehend criminals and keep crowds under control.
When they were first invented they were big, bulky and ugly. So manufacturers went to work on making them smaller, more attractive and more powerful so they would mainly appeal to women. Fast forward 80 years, largely due to technological advances most stun guns are now about the size the palm your hand and average somewhere between two and 3,000,000 volts.
The idea behind STUN GUNS is to inject a powerful electrical charge into an assailants’ muscular system causing it to overwork very rapidly thus depleting it of all blood sugars that are needed for energy. The assailant will then have no energy left for 5 to 10 minutes. This allows you time to get away and get help.
The more powerful stun gun, the less time it takes for a stun gun work. When you’re in trouble, in an assault situation a few seconds can be forever.

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