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TASER® and Stun Gun Voltage Chart

loaded stun gun in a hand

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TASER® and other stun gun devices are powerful self-defense tools. Even though they are non-lethal, they deliver a painful and incapacitating shock that gives you a chance to get yourself and others away from an assailant.

Since stun guns use electricity, a large portion of their power hinges on their voltage. Comparing products based on voltage is helpful, but only if you understand the meaning of voltage and its limits. Here’s an explanation and a stun gun voltage chart with information for some major TASER and stun gun models.

Understanding Voltage

Voltage is not the only factor that matters in stun gun strength. The voltage’s effectiveness hinges on the charge behind it. Charge, which is the electrical current multiplied by time, is measured in microcoulombs (µC).

Just 1 µC is enough to cause unbearable pain and, according to the National Institute of Justice, between 0.5µC and 1µC is enough to cause an adequate deterrent to most subjects. Stun guns need far less than millions of volts to create this level of µC.

Keep in mind, the maximum voltage that can jump across two standard stun gun contact points is much less than the advertised amount on the average stun gun. The actual voltage physically possible is just 30,000 volts for contacts spaced 0.4 of an inch apart. This number increases for contacts farther apart, but it won’t approach millions or even hundreds of thousands of volts on a stun gun or stun baton.

However, having a powerful stun gun can help you be fully prepared for situations where you have to use it more than once. It may also make a difference in situations where your assailant is wearing thick clothing.

Product Name


TASER® Pulse+ Subcompact Shooting Stun Gun


TASER® Pulse Subcompact Shooting Stun


TASER® X26P Police Stun Gun


Jolt Tactical Police Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight 93M


Jolt Police Tactical Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight 75M


Streetwise™ Touchdown Rechargeable LED Stun Gun 29M


Streetwise™ Lady Lifeguard Stun Gun 16.5M


Bestex Compact Mini Thunder Stun Gun 100,000-Volts



The TASER voltage level is lower than other brands’ advertised voltage, but their strength lies in the quality of their contacts. Their ability to shoot darts makes them the best option for self-defense, primarily since they still function as a contact stun gun after the darts have been fired.

In most situations, you will need a minimum of 25,000 volts to deliver pain to an assailant. Because of voltage’s role in pushing electricity through thick clothes, having 50,000-100,000 volts is more effective. This solidifies your chances of delivering enough of a jolt from a taser to incapacitate your assailant long enough for you to flee or contact the police.

 high voltage stun gun

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Other Factors to Consider

To deliver a powerful shock to your assailant, you need a TASER or stun gun that provides solid contact with the assailant’s skin. If the assailant is wearing thick clothing, this becomes more difficult. TASER darts make it easier to penetrate these layers, so it’s a great option if you’re confident in your ability to aim and shoot.

Having a wider space between the stun gun’s contacts also increases the stun gun’s ability to use its voltage. A tiny stun gun with less than half an inch between its contacts will not be as effective as a larger one. When in doubt, check the product description’s dimensions to get a rough idea of the size and appropriate distance.

Finally, make sure to check stun gun laws by state to make sure a specific device is legal. You may be restricted to stun guns under a particular size or voltage, so do your research and look for a trusted product with good reviews that’s legal in your state.

 man with high voltage stungun

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A Stun Baton Allows You to Keep Your Distance

Your Source for Self-Defense

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FAQs About TASER® and Stun Gun Voltage

You don’t need hundreds of thousands or millions of volts. This is partly because your stun gun won’t use all those volts and partly because you can incapacitate a target with much less than a million volts.

Should I get something more powerful than a TASER?

You don’t need hundreds of thousands or millions of volts. This is partly because your stun gun won’t use all those volts and partly because you can incapacitate a target with much less than a million volts.

Does voltage cause the crackling sound?

Higher voltage may cause a louder crackling sound, but the crackling sound a stun gun makes is not a good indicator of its ability to deter an assailant. When the gun’s contacts are properly pressed against someone’s skin, they make little to no audible noise.

Do stun batons have higher voltage?

Stun batons, on average, advertise higher voltage because they are larger and have more space for the electronics required. However, like stun guns, they might not always be able to use this voltage effectively.

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