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Hand Held Spy Cameras-No One Will Ever Know They Are Being Recorded

spy camera with audio

Hand-held spy cameras are unique in a couple of different ways. First of all, they are mobile, which means they can go anywhere you need them to without restriction. Secondly, they contain a small microphone which allows for audio recording. Audio recording is not legal in stationary spy cameras. Only in hand-held or so-called body-worn spy cameras are they legal.

This Motion Detector Spy Cam is a good example of what a hand-held spy camera can do.

It is so small that nobody would ever suspect that it is an audio and video recording device. It is a fully refillable ink cartridge pen that can be used to record only audio if desired. The recording resolution is adjustable. It uses a lithium-ion battery that lasts approximately 3 hours on a full charge.


The motion activation feature allows for longer recording time. The spy camera with audio uses an internal 8 GB to record audio and video.

The pen uses a one-megapixel video camera and DVR to record crystal-clear images. The microphone can capture sounds and 15 m² area-bigger than most rooms. It is no wonder that this is the spy pen used by undercover agents for capturing audio and video on a covert basis.

No one will ever know they are being recorded with this fabulous spy pen.

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