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10 Reasons Why You Should Reevaluate Your Home Security in the New Year

10 Reasons Why You Should Reevaluate Your Home Security in the New Year

There are many things to be worried about in modern times—from the world’s political to environmental climate. While it’s easy to get lost in the big picture of life, there are more personal issues we should remain aware of whenever possible. 

For some people, this will include remaining in touch with work at all times; for others, this will revolve around regularly checking in with family and friends to ensure they are both safe and healthy. Most of a person’s mental effort can be spent on other people and activities, but there are times when your focus needs to be diverted inward. This inward focus can involve numerous areas of self-interest, from tracking one’s finances to one’s health, but an often overlooked area of safety and security revolves around the home—the central hub where your day both begins and ends. 

This is the year you should work to keep your home safe. If you haven’t given home security much thought in the past, it could be to your own detriment. At Home Security Superstore, we’re committed to providing everyone with high quality home security products to protect both themselves and their homes.  We’re going to take a closer look to see just how important home security is and why you should make it your top priority in 2020. 

Your top priority should be keeping your home safe.

While there are many different reasons you should be implementing a home security plan, the first and foremost reason is to ensure that both your family and property are kept unharmed. While overall rates of violent assault saw little change from 2017 to 2018, statistics collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) found that there was a slight increase in on-property robberies. Furthermore, FBI statistics indicated that victims of burglary offenses suffered nearly $3.5 billion in property losses in 2017, with nearly 60% of all burglary cases incidents involving forced entry.  

installing security camera

It’s terrifying to imagine your home being broken into, especially if your family is home at the time. You have no idea whether burglars forcing their way into your home are carrying lethal weapons, and you’ll never know to what extent they’ll go to ensure they get what they came for. To help deter criminals and keep your home safe, you should have a home security system installed, or a plan in place, to ensure you, your family, and your possessions are protected at all times. 

There’s no reason not to have a home security system installed.

Beyond it being an expenditure at first, there is no real reason to not have some sort of home security in place. The doors on the exterior of your house are bound to have locks on them; why not take the extra step and increase your home’s overall security? While some people might see the installation of home security as either costly or unnecessary, you never know how well it might pay off in the end. Truthfully, you should view a home security plan as an investment. Furthermore, there’s no cost for keeping both your family and home safe. 

Hidden surveillance cameras have gotten better.

Over the past decade, the technology used within hidden surveillance systems has greatly improved. Compared to old CCTV monitoring systems, new technology has improved the quality of film captured. This means you’ll be able to easily catch a person in the act of criminality if you ever find someone doing something they shouldn’t, all in high-definition quality.  

Hidden surveillance camera

Whether an in-home spy camera or a motion-activated camera is placed secretly beside your front door, you can curate your system so every part of your home is covered. This isn’t even mentioning that hidden surveillance cameras allow you to keep an eye on your home without drawing attention to the devices themselves, meaning they’ll be left unharmed and unnoticed, providing you with the ultimate coverage. Your home can benefit from the added safety provided by an extensive or simple hidden surveillance camera system. 

Improved fire alarms can secure your home in the event of the worst.

People might think that their home is safe from fire, but they happen more often than we imagine. Whether you’re cooking, turning on a heating system within your home, or leaving a candle or stick of incense unattended, there is a high likelihood that a fire can break out in your home.

fire alarm & fireproof safe

When we think of security systems, we often think of systems that help us avoid break-ins and assaults from occurring. But, in reality, a home security system can also protect your home from fire. Common implementations of fire security systems involve smoke and heat detectors, which can either watch out for a build-up of smoke or a sudden increase in in-home heat, both signs of fire. Even if the change in atmosphere is slight, your fire security system can remain aware of it, helping you to identify a fire before it becomes any worse. The use of a fireproof safe is another way to keep your most prized possessions safe in the case of a house fire. 

Odorless gas detectors are a must nowadays. 

Along with protecting your home from a potential fire, it’s important that you take the necessary measures to protect yourself from possible gas leaks. While some gas leaks can lead to eventual fires, under the right conditions the one gas you should be most worried about is carbon monoxide. 

An odorless and colorless gas, carbon monoxide is most often released by various heating systems within your home, from gas ovens to wood-burning stoves. Our inability to physically detect carbon monoxide makes it especially deadly, and the buildup of the gas is something that should be avoided at all costs. 

While most homes are required to include a carbon monoxide detector nowadays, there are still some homes that are able to skirt by without issue, especially much older buildings. Rather than taking a risk, you should make sure that a carbon monoxide monitor is installed in your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late. The consequences of doing so could be lethal, and it should be avoided at all costs. 

Man looking at home security cameras

Enhanced security can lower your insurance premiums.

As a homeowner, you’ll need homeowner’s insurance. While some people might consider avoiding the price or settling on an insufficient plan, it’s not something you should pass on, as you never know when insurance will be needed. In the event of damages or losses, your homeowner’s insurance can protect your valuables; in the event that someone is injured on your property, it can provide you with a safety net to ensure you don’t have to bear the brunt of the cost. 

The cost of homeowner’s insurance is based on numerous characteristics, including your home location, your insurance company, and the age of your home. Whatever your premium might be, it can benefit from an in-home security system. Some insurance companies reward homeowners who have a security system in place, as it is an extra form of coverage prior to insurance being needed. For this, you can end up saving money on your monthly premium while protecting your home even further. 

home security hero

New apps let you manage electricity usage even when not at home. 

Home security systems have modernized quite a bit in recent years. One of the most pertinent examples of this digital growth is the creation of smartphone apps that can let you control your home from a distance. 

Apps vary from system to system, but they tend to offer some notable features that allow you to effectively remain in control of your house. Some high-grade systems allow you to manage numerous parts of your home even from a distance, giving you the opportunity to lock doors, control thermostats, and manage security system settings. 

The most popular apps make it easy for people to control the electricity use in their home, no matter where they are. The primary feature of these apps is the added ability to monitor in-home energy. From the app, you can track whether appliances have been left on, what lights within the house are still illuminated, and more. For people who work late nights, this can be a wonderful addition to your overall home security, as you can do some of the following:

  • Put internal lights on a timed schedule, so they turn off and on throughout the day to make it appear as if someone is at home.
  • Turn on outside lights only when you are arriving home, rather than leaving them on during the day and wasting energy.
  • Turn off heating and cooling devices to ensure they’re not left running when no one is home.
  • Protect your home even against those you invite inside. 

You obviously trust family, friends, and any relevant staff—maid, nanny, plumber—enough to let them into your home. But what do you do if you’ve started to notice valuable items going missing throughout your home? Or what if a room you mentioned was off-limits has suddenly become tainted after someone left? Do you confront this person without any evidence? Is that a smart thing to do? 

 The value of in-home security cameras should be noted for such reasons, as they can help you monitor the activity of certain rooms and individuals, seeing if people are acting nefariously when you’re not around. Yet, when many think of in-home spy cameras, they think of the types of cameras you see in old movies—big, clunky, noticeable.

Spy Cameras

However, spy cameras have become better with time. From motion-activated cameras to nanny cams, remote view spy cameras to digital clock spy cameras, Home Security Superstore has a variety of spy cameras for you to choose from. No matter which you choose, each can be installed within a room of your home to keep an eye on a nanny, child, or visiting aunt when you’re not at home. And if you notice anything awry, you’ll have saved footage that can be used to either confront them or protect yourself in a court of law.

Remain protected in the event of medical emergencies. 

Whether you’re an elderly homeowner or someone who lives alone, you can benefit from having an in-home security system in the event of a medical emergency. If you’re someone with a pre-existing condition, this can be ever more important, as you may be at a heightened risk for needing emergency medical attention.

Specialized home security systems can come equipped with medical systems that can be activated in the event of a medical emergency. Some features can include a pendant that can be worn around the home, which can either be activated with a push or can tell whether you have fallen. Another specialized feature can include an emergency pull that, when activated, can contact both your security system manager and local first responders. 

Self defense weapons

Most of all, you’ll be left with peace of mind. 

Whether you’re installing a commercial home security system or implementing various types of home safety items, from in-home safes to spy cameras, to self-defense weapons, the greatest benefit provided by home security products is peace of mind. You should be able to rest easy considering the safety and security of your home while at home or on the road. 

You never know when your home might be the target of a break-in or robbery. Furthermore, we never expect our homes to be struck by an electrical fire or for us to have a medical emergency while alone, but it can happen.

Rather than waiting for one of these events to take place, you should effectively prepare your home to ensure that it is protected at all times. Anything can happen whether you’re at home, on the road, or at work. Don’t take chances. Consider taking the time to improve your home security today. Because before you know it, it might be too late.

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