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Four Popular Models of Hidden Cameras and Portable Spy Cameras

mini spy camera / small video camera

Whether you’ve seen the “Mission Impossible” movies or consumed other spy-thriller media, it is likely you’ve seen spy cameras in action. Perhaps it was someone spying on the nefarious actions of government employees or it could have been a homeowner keeping a close eye on the suspicious activities of their housemaid.

Up until 2010, hidden spy and security cameras were only used by government agencies like the FBI and the CIA. Through legislation, they were able to effectively employ these hidden devices to watch the goings-on of citizens, politicians, and more, keeping an eye on possible terrorist activities and non-democratic actions.

However, once technology began to progress and became ever more accessible, local law enforcement agencies were able to get their hands on hidden spy cameras and spy gear. Once put into action, these local agencies realized just how effective they were at catching people in the act of something they shouldn’t be doing.

As technology has progressed even further, this now means that citizens are able to both afford and purchase various spy gear for personal safety purposes. For people looking to enhance their overall safety, spy gear and spy cameras can be utilized for complete protection. With new additions such as body-worn cameras, users can wear spy cameras that feature a legally included microphone—allowing a user to not only capture what a person does, but what they say. Capturing such information can be extremely useful, especially when applied in a court of law.

Close-up Of A Man Monitoring Black And White Video Footage On Laptop At Home

While there are numerous types of spy gear and gadgets available on the market, there are some that are better and more effective than others. If you’re looking for all-around protection, you should consider using one of the following four cameras:

  1. Attack LED Alarm Hidden Spy Camera: By combining a blinding LED light and a loud 90 dB alarm, this camera can frighten off an attacker while having the capability to record both audio and video. With a built-in rechargeable battery and support for up to 32 GB of data storage, this camera is designed to provide you with overall protection at all times. Even better, recorded video and audio can be uploaded directly to your computer thanks to a USB cable, meaning you can save any recordings for legal purposes.
  2. Car Keys Hidden Camera: It looks just like a remote car-starter key, but it has a spy camera hidden inside! Besides recording video and capturing still pictures, this hidden camera device also records audio. With 4 GB of memory storage, which can be upgraded at will, this device easily fits alongside the rest of your keys, allowing you to keep a hidden camera with you whenever out in public.
  3. Motion Spy Camera: At the size of a golf ball and with the ability to be worn like a necklace, this inconspicuous spy camera is the ultimate in portable, hidden spy gear. The device can record both audio and video, comes with a 2 GB SD card worth of memory that can be expanded, and has a rechargeable battery. Best of all, the camera is made to produce stellar video quality with every recording.
  4. Car Keys Hidden Camera Plus: We already discussed the benefits of a remote car-starter key, but imagine if it looked even more realistic, all while having serious recording and storage upgrades? With a pop-out key, this product is steeped in realism. But the internal DVR recording capabilities—which capture video and audio—and the ability to support 16 GB SD cards-worth of memory make this a stellar piece of spy gear.

Woman with mini dslr photocamera

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a notably advanced device, the new Alarm Spy Camera is a triple threat—able to record audio and video in the event that you are attacked.

If you’re looking to protect your life both at home and on the streets, you can benefit from the use of a tested-and-trusted spy camera. You should always have protection on you in the event of an assault, robbery, bribery, or another potential crime. If you don’t feel comfortable carrying a self-defense weapon, it’s in your best interest to employ one of the many different types of hidden spy gear.

When your safety is on the line, you should have a recording device that can back up your innocence while implicating any involved assailants. Consider reaching out to one of our safety experts if you have any questions about our spy camera product and how they can help you.

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