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Stun Guns For Women-Top Favorite Models

History shows us that women are assaulted much more often than men. Police statistics show that number to be in the area of nine times more frequently than men. So to say that women need self-defense products much more than men do seems like a vast understatement. In this article we will discuss the top favorite models of stun guns for women. This will enable you to get an idea of what other women are using, in order to help you make a decision about which model you might like.

First of all, be aware that all stun guns work exactly the same way except for a type of stun device called a taser. Tasers are called shooting stun guns or ECD (electronic control devices) because they shoot out two electrified probes up to 15 feet away with nearly 100% efficiency in taking down the assailants. They would be on this list except for the fact that some women feel they are too expensive.

Here we are talking about regular stun devices that have two or more probes on one end that conduct an electrical charge when activated. They are powered by batteries or rechargeable technology. The electrical charge creates a loud, frightening crackling sound and a rather intimidating light show when the electric sparks fly back and forth from probe to probe. That electrical charge when applied to an assailant causes the muscles to overwork in a very rapid fashion depleting all the blood sugars from the body so there is no energy left.

Here are the top favorite stun guns that women prefer:

The first one is the awesome 10,000,000 volt JOLT Stun Device that uses a built-in slide out plug for easy recharging into a standard wall outlet. It has a safety pin that prevents the unit from firing when the pin is not in place and a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. Quite frankly the main appeal of this unit is the price-$14.95-making it one of the cheapest, most powerful stun guns available.

Another favorite stun device for female self-defense is this keychain, 5,000,000 volt SMACK Stun Gun. It is so small at three ounces and measurements of 3.5″ tall x 1.25″ wide x .75″ deep that it comes with a keychain attachment so it can be with you wherever your keys go which is practically everywhere. Women prefer this for their personal safety and personal security because it is so innocent looking and powerful.

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