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Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Tips

In this article we will discuss some automobile crime prevention tips because car theft is a growing crime in all parts of the country. These tips will not only help prevent your car from being stolen, but also keep you safe when driving and improve your personal safety. According to FBI statistics, in 2012 there were over 200 vehicles per week stolen statewide just in Colorado, which is not a particularly largely populated state.

We will call these tips the triple AAAs for Action, Avoidance and Alertness.

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings and don’t travel alone if at all possible.
  2. Be aware of anyone who may be following you.
  3. Drive to a safe, public place and call police if you think someone is following you.
  4. Be suspicious of anyone approaching you and your car.
  5. Be alert to people loitering in parking areas.
  6. Before entering your car check door handles, locks and the back seat.
  • Lock all doors and close all windows before driving.
  • Don’t park in poorly lit areas, such as remote parking lots, especially at night.
  • When approaching your car have your keys out and be ready to unlock the car without delay.
  • Avoid walking to your car alone. Retail stores still offer escort services when asked. Don’t let pride stand in your way of safety.
  • Carry a small flashlight or personal alarm with you. This Personal Panic Alarm is a favorite with women because it is pink and has a 120 dB alarm with bright LED light.
  • Don’t pick up hitchhikers.
  • Leave enough distance between you and the car in front of you so that you can pull away quickly if necessary in an emergency.
  1. If anyone approaches your car and asks for assistance do not get out, but call 911 after you drive to a safe location to make the call.
  2. Plan ahead and know the route you’re taking using well-lit and well-traveled roads.
  3. Avoid taking shortcuts through unsafe areas.
  4. If you are in danger, consider running a stop sign or a red light if you will not endanger others.
  5. Carry a personal alarm like the one mentioned above that you can sound if you feel threatened or another model Keychain Panic Alarm that has a built-in flashlight along with a 120 dB alarm.
  6. If you are in danger, honk your horn or use the panic button on your key fob to attract attention.

If you follow these car safety tips, you will not only help prevent car theft but improve your personal safety as well.

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