A Guide To Using Pepper Spray Indoors

Pepper spray delivers an immediate and powerful blow to the nervous system of an assailant. While most people carry this potent self-protection spray when they’re walking to their car after dark or out for a jog on a deserted trail – there may be a time when you need to deploy pepper spray indoors.

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What Not To Keep In A Home Safe (And What You Should Store There)

Household safes are an important addition to any home. Keeping precious items locked away not only prevents them from being stolen but could mean they are preserved in the event of a natural disaster.

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School Safety Tips Every Parent Should Teach Their Children

Back to school is a good time to talk to kids about avoiding strangers and wearing helmets, but school safety is a year-round concern. And there is a lot of ground to cover.

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8 Things A Burglar Looks For In A Property Before They Rob It

Burglars don’t usually pick their homes totally at random. The risk of being caught is simply too great to go into a home with a robust alarm system and an attack dog. Robbers look for vulnerable properties.

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8 Home Security Tips For Single Moms

Like it or not, being a single mom could make you a target for crime. Burglars may see you as a vulnerable person because you’re the only adult in the home. The good news is you don’t have to be an easy target for crime

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Pepper Spray vs. Tasers: Which Is Right For You?

Whether you’re walking through a parking lot at night or you awaken to a strange sound near your patio door, you’ll want a powerful self-defense tool on hand. But which self-defense weapons are right for you? Two popular and portable options are pepper spray and Tasers.

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8 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Child In A Crowd

Every parent has a shared nightmare: You’re out in public, and in the few seconds it takes to look for the nearest restroom, your child suddenly disappears. Your heart beating fast, you wrap your sweaty palms around your mouth to call out their name.

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