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Women’s Self-Defense Tips

Women’s Self-Defense Tips

In today’s article we will delve into the subject a little bit more and give you the benefit of years of experience in the business and provide you with more self-defense tips for women-ways to defend against an assault.

You may already know that nine out of every 10 assaults are committed against women. We did another story recently about Self-Defense Tips To Keep Women Safe’ where we listed several good ideas to help keep women safe. In today’s article we will delve into the subject a little bit more and give you the benefit of years of experience in the business and provide you with more self-defense tips for women.

Some of those tips included the following suggestions.

    • Develop a self-defense strategy, the foundation of which should be a basic self-defense course. Nearly every community offers free self-defense courses for women available either through the local YMCA or Police Department.
    • Since exercise areas for running and cycling are usually relatively remote, go with a friend and always carry a self-defense item with you that can protect you against dog attacks and perverts.
    • It may seem faster to take the stairs than an elevator at your apartment complex or at work. But these darkened areas are also free of many witnesses which makes them excellent places for an assault ambush. If you do take the stairs, go with a friend.
    • It is almost like inviting sexual assault to get into a car with a stranger which is why you don’t see many hitchhikers. Only in extreme emergencies when there is no other alternative should you hitchhike. Call a cab, take a bus, bum a ride with a friend. Don’t hitchhike if there is any possible way to avoid doing so!
    • Be ever vigilant of your surroundings. Sexual assaults can happen anywhere. Walk with your head held high and radiate a sense of confidence.
    • Always carry a self-defense item such as a Womans Taser® or Stun Gun with you wherever you go. We recommend one that’s on a keychain for easy accessibility. A pepper spray can disable an attacker for as long as 45 minutes.

There are thousands of books and pamphlets that have tips for women’s self-defense. If there is a common theme in all of those instructional books, it is that there are no rules when it comes to defending yourself. You need to think outside the box and throw out every rule that you have ever been taught. Your number one goal when you are in an assault situation is to survive-survive any way you can. The most expedient way is by using your feet-to escape!

A corollary to that thought is to avoid being a target in the first place. Situational awareness, prevention and avoidance are great strategies that can reduce your chances of being targeted as a victim of violent crime.

Remember that there are no rules on the street. When you are fighting back in an assault you need to prepare for an all-out war as though you are a wild cat. Depending on the determination of your attacker or how desperate he may be, you could be in for the fight of your life. Scream, kick, bite, gouge or do whatever is necessary to get away.

Here are some self-defense tips that you may not have seen before.

  1. A surprisingly large number of assaults against women occur in parking lots-especially around holidays. Predators salivate over women going to their cars talking to friends, minding their children or talking on a cell phone- all signs that they are not paying attention which makes them excellent targets. Look around, next to and underneath your car before you get in. If possible, go with a friend or ask for an escort to your car.
  2. Never and we mean never let a stranger get into your house. Always check to see who is there before you let anybody in; do that by using the peephole in your front door. If you don’t have one, it is well worth it to take the time and the money to get one. All home invasions happen through the front door. Don’t become a victim!
  3. Maintain a personal comfort zone whether it is 3 or 5 feet. Don’t let anyone invade that space.
  4. Walk wide around building corners avoiding an ambush. Avoid being a victim by taking a wide berth around corners.
  5. Turn off your mobile devices when out in public. It is way too easy to become distracted when talking on a cell phone thus setting yourself up for disaster.
  6. Don’t jog or walk with earphones on. Instead, pay attention to your surroundings and concentrate on them.
  7. You may have noticed another theme in some of these tips, which is to pay attention at all times to your surroundings. Predators, and that’s what they are, look for people who are distracted and not paying attention. Earbuds in place, talking on a cell phone, talking with friends are all signs that predators look for.

Of the 187 different defensive sprays we have we recommend one that is on a keychain as the best for women. WHY? A pepper spray that’s on a keychain is much more likely to be with you wherever you go, because you never know when you may be assaulted.

jogger pepper spray for women

This Jogger Model has a keychain attachment as well as a wrist strap that makes access easy when you are cycling, jogging or walking.

Please share with us your secrets for self-defense or any experiences you have had in defending yourself. We want to hear from you! 

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