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Self-Defense Tips To Keep Women Safe

If you have any doubts about why women need self-defense items so much more than men do, all you need to do is check with your local police blotter or read a newspaper. The facts are actually astonishing. But they haven’t changed in years. Women get assaulted nine times more often than men. According to a recent study, the most common place for a sexual assault is with domestic violence in the home.

Women also get assaulted in parking lots with poorly lit areas and a multitude of hiding places; at work where groping in some places is commonplace; and at a University or College where young women trying to get an education stand a 25% chance of getting sexually assaulted in their four years there.

With those statistics in mind we thought we would present some self-defense tips specifically for female self-defense.

  1. We always recommend that women develop a self-defense strategy, the foundation of which should be a basic self-defense course. Every community offers free self-defense courses for women available either through the local YMCA or Police Department.
  2. Many women love to run, walk or cycle outdoors. Since these exercise areas are usually relatively remote, go with a friend and always carry a self-defense item with you that can protect you against dog attacks and perverts.
  3. It may seem faster to take the stairs than an elevator at your apartment complex or at work. But these darkened areas are also free of many witnesses which makes them excellent places for an assault ambush. If you do take the stairs, go with a friend.
  4. When we were growing up it was common to hitchhike. You don’t see many hitchhikers anymore for a reason. It is almost like inviting sexual assault to get into a car with a stranger. Only in extreme emergencies when there is no other alternative should you hitchhike. Call a cab, take a bus, bum a ride with a friend. Don’t hitchhike if there is any possible way to avoid doing so!
  5. Be ever vigilant of your surroundings. Sexual assaults can happen anywhere. Walk with your head held high and radiate a sense of confidence.
  6. Always carry a self-defense item such as a pepper spray or stun gun with you wherever you go. Pepper sprays are legal in every state. We recommend one that’s on a keychain for easy accessibility. A pepper spray can disable an attacker for as long as 45 minutes. Stun guns are illegal in several states.

If you follow these six self-defense tips, you’ll feel and be much safer.

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