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Safety Tips for Shopping During the Holidays

safety tips for holiday shopping

The holidays are rapidly approaching, with Christmas just around the corner. From Black Friday deals to sales right up until Christmas Eve, most consumers can’t get through the season without stepping into a mall at least once. In America, shopping at the mall for holiday gifts is a highly regarded tradition that, despite the prevalence of online shopping, isn’t likely to go away any time soon.

As primary gift-buyers in multi-person households, women are much more likely to be visiting shopping malls than men during this busy season. Unfortunately, mall parking lots are notoriously dangerous places for women. As mentioned in a previous blog about the dangers of parking lots, these spaces are often poorly lit and have minimal security, if any. This means that women are more vulnerable to assaults and robberies in mall parking lots, especially during busy shopping seasons where people are more likely to be too preoccupied with getting in and out of the mall quickly than with being on high alert for potential attackers.

Knowing that women are statistically more likely to be attacked by criminals this time of year, it’s important that women take precautions to guard themselves against assaults. Here are some shopping safety tips that are useful not just during the holidays, but any time of year.  

  1. If at all possible, shop during the day. Poor lighting in a parking lot gives the bad guys a little edge in their assaults.
  2. If you have to go at dusk or night time, choose an area that is well lit.
  3. The old saying about there being strength in numbers is true-go with a friend.
  4. Park as close as you can to your store.
  5. Keep your purse secure and underneath your arm.
  6. On your return to your car, have your car keys out and ready. If necessary you can use them as a weapon too.
  7. Most stores offer an escort service for their shoppers to their car. Take advantage of the service.
  8. Avoid overloading yourself with packages.
  9. Maintain clear visibility of your car.
  10. Avoid talking to strangers, especially on your way to your car.
  11. That inner voice, that is especially strong in women, will tell you when to be super cautious. Listen to it!
  12. Carry and be ready to use a pepper spray or stun gun for self-defense in the event of an assault.
  13. Many people, especially women, think that crime can only happen to the “other guy.” You are that person-to the “other guy.”

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how alert you are or how much common sense you exercise, criminals are sneaky, and will find a way to get you on your own. When this happens, one of the best ways to defend yourself is with the use of a self-defense weapon. At The Home Security Superstore, we have close to 200 different pepper sprays to choose from the largest selection in any one place - anywhere.

We want to hear your thoughts. Chime in with your secrets about holiday shopping safety tips!

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