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Nanny Cameras-Much More Than Watching Your Nanny

watch your nanny

There is a category of hidden spy cameras called nanny cameras. Not sure where that came from, but they can be used for far more than keeping an eye on a nanny or babysitter. They can be used for any use where a normal spy camera can be used.

They are perfect for catching a cheating employee in a business. They can work effectively at catching a cheating spouse in an infidelity situation. They can be used of course to keep an eye on a babysitter or nanny as well.

This princess wall clock Spy Nanny Camera is perfect as a nanny camera because it fits into a child’s room very naturally. It has a 72 degree field of view. It uses batteries and the battery life is about 10 hours but it only records when there is activity in front of the lens because of the motion activation feature. They can use up to 32 GB SD card.

Check all of our other hidden Nanny Cameras. One of them may be what you are looking for.

Feedback on these posts is welcomed. Have you ever used a nanny camera? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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