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Four of the Best Nanny Cameras

best nanny cams

Even though it seems like it was hundreds of years ago, I can still remember the days when we left our first newborn child with a babysitter. Any normal person would have a huge amount of anxiety over this issue because at the very best you’re leaving your child to basically a stranger. Even though you may know the parents of the child that you’ve hired, when you think about it, that really doesn’t mean much. The child could be on drugs, alcohol or even a kleptomaniac.

Parenting is difficult enough without having to worry about a new babysitter or nanny watching over your child. Rather than take a chance, nanny cameras come to the rescue. Nanny cameras actually give you an opportunity to see what is going on at your house when you’re not there and definitely to keep an eye on your child or your babysitter.

Here are four of the newest styles of nanny cameras. They use new technology that includes a 3.7 mm pinhole lens for the camera and a DVR to record what that camera sees. A hidden nanny cam with audio can take some of the stress out of parenting and help improve your home security too.

The first is called the boombox spy camera. It is a good quality AM/FM radio with all the bells and whistles that you would expect in a quality product. Inside is a motion activated DVR that records to an 8 GB SD card. The motion activation feature allows for elimination of dead spots in the recording when there’s no activity.

The second is possibly the most popular hidden camera in the world called the “alarm clock” spy camera. It is a Sony “dream machine” AM/FM clock radio with the camera and DVR inside. The DVR date/time stamps all video for easy identification in the future.

And third is the silver wall clock hidden camera. It is a very attractive working wall clock that requires no batteries. When you plug it in, the power operates the wall clock, DVR and the camera. This product can be operated by remote control. Aim the wall clock in the direction you want to record and use the remote to start recording.

And the last one is the Teddy Bear Camera. This is a battery-operated spy camera that has motion activated recording. The DVR will support up to a 16 GB SD card. Remove the SD card and put in your PC for playback or use RCA cable to connect to a TV to view the footage. Nothing says nanny camera better than the teddy bear camera.

Those are four of the best high tech nanny cameras on the market today to take some of the stress out of parenting and help improve your home security. They all fit into a child’s room or any situation very easily.

We have over 100 Spy Cameras to choose from with many styles and capabilities. One of them may be just what you are looking for.

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