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Self-Defense-How Disguised Self-Defense Products Can Be A Woman’s Best Friend

It is no longer a secret that women are attacked nearly 9 times more often than men. That is just one of the reasons why self-defense products manufacturers have started making their products appeal more to women with some of the safety features and the particular colors that they offer. Pink is the biggest selling color of any self-defense product, no matter what kind it is or who makes it!

Why are self-defense products that are disguised as other products so popular? The simple reason is they give the user a slight tactical advantage. In a situation where someone is assaulted, time is of the essence. It is how you react in the first two or three seconds that may well determine the outcome in a life-threatening situation.

Take for example a woman who is on her way to her car after a shopping spree at her local mall. She is either pushing a cart full of goodies, watching her child, talking to her friends, or doing other things that provide a distraction from what is going on around her. Criminals need only a few seconds of that distraction to provide an opening for an assault.

Criminals use deception and stealth to sneak up on their victims and catch them by surprise. Women can use those same concepts of deception and stealth in disguised self-defense products for their own personal safety and security.

Imagine, if you will, a woman who is coming out of the grocery store pushing a grocery cart and minding her small child all while talking on a cell phone. An assailant sees this as an opportunity to do an assault. To his surprise the cell phone is really a Powerful Stun Device that she can use to repel the bad guy.

Or how about a woman carrying what looks like an ordinary flashlight to find her way in a darkened stairwell at work or in her apartment complex. The flashlight is really a Disguised Stun Flashlight that when applied to an assailant can put him out of commission for 5 to 10 minutes.

Those are just a few examples of how Disguised Self-Defense Products can be a woman’s best friend. These nonlethal self-defense products are so effective that every law enforcement officer in the country carries at least one and usually two on his utility belt as his first nonlethal alternative to the deadly force of a handgun.

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