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Home Security-Tips You Should Know

For anyone who owns a home or lives in an apartment, townhome or condominium, home security should be close to the top of your list of concerns and here’s why! Burglary and home invasion are some of the fastest-growing crimes in the country. The reasons for this may seem counterintuitive, but they are true nonetheless.

Homeowners seem to go out of their way to make it easy for burglars to get into their homes. 60% of all home burglaries do not even require a forced entry-how bad is that? And what are the burglars after? Well, Mr. Home-owner, just look around your home and see how many computers, television sets, handguns, rifles, pieces of jewelry, credit cards or even cash are within viewing distance.

The average value of goods taken in a home burglary, according to the Bureau of Justice statistics was $2120 with another $2000 or more in damage done to the home. And all that can take place in 10 minutes or less, which is the average amount of time that a burglar spends inside a home. Most of the items stolen will be pawned for fast cash within a day or two. All in all, it makes for an easy way to make fast money.

“Glass window panes that surround a home’s entryway and exterior create an inviting target for thieves according to the executive director of the International Window Film Association.”

Here are some tips he passed along to help bolster your home security:

  1. Use tempered glass or safety glass rather than ordinary glass, especially around doorways. If the bad guys can break windows around doors, it’s an easy step to unlock the front door.
  2. Unobstructed doors and windows are a deterrent because the bad guys are forced to work in the open where they can be easily seen. So keep windows and doors on lower levels free of vegetation.
  3. Make sure lighting around entry points, especially, is adequate.
  4. Always keep garage doors locked. We have been preaching this for years. Many people leave their garage doors open which usually allows for easy access into the home
  5. Use metal plated or solid doors made of hardwoods that will resist forcible entry.
  6. Window film on your glass can delay the length of time it takes for a burglar to gain entrance by making it harder to get through the glass.
  7. One of the best ways to prevent a home invasion is to use your peephole to see who is at your front door. Install a 180-degree wide-angle viewer to see who’s there before you open it.
  8. Keep some self-defense products scattered around the house in case you have a home invasion. A Pepper Spray by your front door can act as a very rapid deterrent to a home invader. This Pepper Spray Tri-Pack has a door mount attachment for quick release at your front door.

Follow these tips and you will go a long ways towards improving your home security and protecting your family.

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