Pepper Spray Facts You Didn’t Know

In doing some research for an article on pepper spray yesterday I learned something. Did you know that Chinese warriors thousands of years ago threw bags of ground-up hot peppers at their enemies. I guess that was the official start of chemical warfare.

It was as recently as 1989 that the FBI approved the use of pepper spray for their agents and SWAT team members.

Pepper spray is still outlawed in many countries of the world. It is okay to use in every state of the United States but some states have restrictions on the concentration of the main ingredient oleoresin capsicum or OC.

A shot in the face of Pepper Spray causes tearing of the eyes so badly that temporary blindness it is possible. The pain it causes this excruciating. It also causes coughing, choking and difficulty breathing for the bad guys. The effects are not permanent-they only last up to 45 minutes which can be an eternity for the bad guys.

On average pepper spray is 86% effective. Maybe that’s why it is the most popular self defense product in the world.