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Guide To Buying Pepper Spray: How To Choose It & How To Use It

Guide To Buying Pepper Spray: How To Choose It & How To Use It

Pepper spray can be a powerful part of your self-defense toolkit. When used in conjunction with preventative measures and other tools, pepper spray can certainly offer greater peace of mind. That’s because it can send a would-be attacker running and allow you to safely escape dangerous situations. However, before you learn how to pepper spray someone there are a few things to keep in mind, such as whether carrying pepper spray has restrictions in your state and what sort of canister is right for your needs. Here are some pepper spray tips for beginners:

Looking into Local Laws

Pepper spray is carefully regulated. You’re probably asking yourself “When is it legal to use pepper spray?” – you’re not alone. While it’s perfectly legal in most states for residents over the age of 18, you should always find out if there are specific regulations in your area before you have pepper spray shipped. 

The most common restriction on pepper spray is the size of the bottle. In North Carolina, for instance, the bottle cannot hold more than 5 ounces. In Florida, the container can be no larger than 2 ounces. There may also be specific rules for carrying pepper spray on school grounds, so pay attention to any location limitations. 

Understanding Proper Operation

Once you determine the legalities of pepper spray, the next step is choosing a canister you’re comfortable operating. Some pepper sprays can reach up to 20 feet, while others may only reach 6 feet; if you don’t want to have to get close to your target, keep that in mind while selecting your choice. Once you have the spray, it’s time to take it on a few dry runs. Pepper spray is potent – you should always practice withdrawing the canister in the disarmed position. 

The key to making your pepper spray effective is to aim at the target’s mouth and eyes. Practice grabbing your pepper spray quickly and aiming it at the appropriate place on a target. So that you don’t mistakenly aim the canister at yourself, you may even want to practice with your eyes closed until you’re so familiar with the feel of the canister that proper aim is second nature. Figure out a place to store the canister (front pocket of a purse, back pocket, etc.) that allows you to seamlessly grab it and point. Pay attention to your stance; anchor yourself with your dominant leg behind you and your other leg in front. 

Keeping Yourself Safe

Pepper spray is just one tool in your self-defense arsenal! Remember to yell during an attack, even as you reach for a powerful canister of long-range pepper spray. The purpose of pepper spray is to stun an attacker and give yourself a chance to run. As a part of your practice with the canister, get used to spraying for several seconds and then fleeing. 

Also, practice opening your mace spray with one hand so you can fight with the other if necessary. Pepper spray can sometimes waft in an attack, so as you spray it at a target you may want to turn your head away or squint your eyes to protect yourself. This gives you the best chance of stunning your attacker while being able to see clearly enough to get away swiftly and safely. 

Still have questions about pepper spray, such as the difference between bear spray vs pepper spray, the best pepper spray for young women, or other self-defense related issues? Contact The Home Security Superstore today! We’re always here to help you choose the right keychain pepper spray or offer you an array of pepper spray accessories. 

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