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Self-Defense Products: The Three Most Popular Inexpensive Stun Guns

For years as a major distributor of self-defense products we were told by an authority in the field that when it came to self-defense products price was not an issue, that people bought because of quality, power and guarantees. After I was in the business for a while, I soon discovered that was not the case. I mean, honestly why should people spend $40 on a 3,000,000 volt stun gun when they can get a 7,000,000 volt stun gun for $20. Hello, anybody home?

Stun devices just happen to be the second most popular self-defense item sold, second only to pepper sprays. They have been a staple in the self-defense products industry since their inception back in the early 1930’s. Back then stun devices were ugly, bulky battery-operated devices that were used to herd cattle. Now, because of advances in technology, mainly smaller batteries, stun devices are small, powerful and less expensive than they were even five years ago.

We frequently get asked what are the most popular cheap stun guns. Here is the listing of the top three most popular models. You’ll notice that some of the staples of the old school like the “hot shot” and the “pretender” from one of the premier manufacturers of self-defense products are not on the list. It almost seems as though the world has passed them by.

Number three on the list is a stun device that is 4.5 million volts hidden inside a 160 lumen ultra bright tactical flashlight. This powerful stun device is popular for use as a self-defense product to carry in the car. The bulb life on the flashlight will last up to 100,000 hours and since this product is rechargeable, you don’t need to worry about spending money on batteries. It comes with a nylon carrying case and a free 18% pepper spray.

Number two on the list is a rechargeable stun tool that looks just like a cell phone. It is 3.5 million volts by Streetwise and has a handy wall plug-in feature. It’s only 4 1/2 inches tall and 2 inches wide with a safety switch to prevent accidental firing and a LED flashlight. A stun gun that’s disguised as a cell phone gives you an advantage of surprise in the event of an attack.

Number one of the most popular stun guns comes in two colors. One is black and the other one is in pink. It is a rechargeable 7.8 million volt stun gun with a built-in charger, bright LED flashlight, and a big selling point is that it’s $17.95.

Those are the top three cheap stun guns. You can see why they are so popular.

Number two on the list is a Cell Phone Stun tool that is 3.5 million volts by Streetwise.

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