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Essentials for Backpacking – One Thing You Need for your Next Hiking Trip

It is getting to be that time of year when millions of Americans will go on vacation. Even if it’s just a three-day weekend, many of your friends and neighbors will go into the back country for camping, hiking, backpacking, to enjoy a little fishing or just the great outdoors.

This is a favorite activity of families, couples and just single individuals who love the outdoors. It is not only great exercise but it is a way to see part of our country by exploring areas you’ve never been before. But it is not without its risks. If you have the right camping gear and camping supplies for your overnight stay in the wilderness, you’ll be okay. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say.

So if you are planning a backpacking trip into the Rocky Mountains or anywhere there are bears, there is one essential that you need to carry with you as part of your camping supplies and camping gear-bear spray.

Just remember that you are a visitor when you go into this wilderness. And while the chances of seeing bears or encountering a bear attack are small, they do happen. And let me tell you if you’re not prepared, it could be a trip you won’t ever forget all for the wrong reasons.

There are three major brands of bear pepper spray in the marketplace. Mace brand bear spray is EPA approved and can shoot up to 35 feet away. It is a full 260 gram unit which is the minimum required for bear pepper spray. The unit can empty in 5.4 seconds.

The second may be the most well-known brand. It is the only bear spray that’s endorsed by the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation. It has undergone more than six years of extensive testing in the wilds of Alaska. It is also EPA approved and has an invincible 20% ultra hot spray specifically for bears. The range is approximately 15 to 20 feet in a 260 gram canister.

And the third and maybe the most effective is a bear attack deterrent in a 9.2 ounce container that fires a full 35 feet. This brand has twice the amount of the minimum of Capsaicin and Related Capsaicinoids(CRC). A one second blast of this spray contains up to 84% more spray than other brands. Remember that an 800 pound bear can run 30 feet in one second. This is the only brand heat sealed to ensure quality performance and tested at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska.

So this summer when you go into the back country for backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing or just recreating in the great outdoors, make sure part of your camping supplies and backpacking gear includes bear spray to avoid a possible bear attack.

Frontiersman Bear Spray shoots out to 35 feet and is one of three bear sprays you must have when in the back country this summer.

The most well-known brand is called Guard Alaska.

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