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Is Teen Dating Violence A Precursor To Domestic Violence?

There are a lot of headlines in the news about domestic violence and not just recently. Domestic violence is in the forefront of a lot of people’s minds because of the damage that it does to society in general. In today’s story we will highlight some news stories about domestic violence and show a possible nexus with it and teen dating violence.

This first story is about unhealthy relationships that are formed by so many youths and many of them lead to teen dating violence. The story points out that if you want to help a friend in need, one of the best things you can do is to listen and be supportive. Many times the person you’re helping does not see the signs and might not be ready to leave a relationship that is unhealthy. The warning signs are much more than just physical abuse. There’s verbal abuse, controlling behaviors that are so common in teenagers and manipulation. Another warning sign is sudden changes in prior activities. A healthy relationship is where two people together experience something positive and are happy. An unhealthy relationship is quite the opposite. Unfortunately, social media plays a major role in teen dating violence with bullying leading the way. Sexting has become way too common.

This story describes domestic violence masked as a real relationship. The author gives several examples including: love doesn’t punch, threaten or taunt; it doesn’t dictate who your friends are or push you away from your family; love doesn’t demean or make endless excuses; it won’t give you a black eye or cover up the cause when people ask what happened. Finally, if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, get help and advice on how to escape the situation as soon as possible.
This story from Fox sports is about the new baseball commissioner, Rob Manfred, and how he is in a no-win situation when it comes to dealing with the union, the players, the victims and domestic violence. As the story points out, victims often are reluctant to cooperate with police or investigators making it difficult to prove criminal behavior. Sometimes the victims reconcile with their attackers further complicating a prosecution. In one case where a player was not charged or even found not guilty, that doesn’t mean that his behavior is acceptable from baseball’s perspective.

Another story about Johnny Manziel and his antics relating to charges against him now for domestic violence. The case is going to a grand jury. A Texas A&M football star and former Heisman Trophy winner has had a checkered past that interlaces bizarre criminal behavior with flashes of brilliance on the football field going back to his college days. The case now before the grand jury includes allegations of threats to kill his former girlfriend. Manziel has spent 73 days in a treatment center specializing in care for alcohol and drug dependency. He has a long time reputation for partying and drinking even when he was with the Cleveland Browns professional football team.

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What first-hand experience do you have with domestic violence? Share your experiences and knowledge with us so that others may benefit!

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