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Assaults On Women Seem Unabated

Assaults On Women Seem Unabated

In the time that we have been writing about assaults on women, one article in particular we mentioned the most Common Places For Attacks On Women.

In that story we asked “What Can Women Do To Protect Themselves?

Obviously, the first thing that women can do it is heighten their awareness when they’re in these places or in these situations. Be vigilant and ready to defend yourself.

Secondly, women should have at their disposal a self-defense weapon of some kind.”

That advice still holds true today.

In today’s story we will bring to you more examples of assaults on women.

First is a story from the University of British Columbia in Canada were six women complained bitterly to the University that they were abandoned assault victims because the University failed to act against a grad student despite mounting complaints of sexual assault.

The women are alleging that a 28 year old PhD student in the History Department acted inappropriately including sexual assault against them starting as far back as the spring of 2013.

Finally last week after a one-day closed-door hearing into some of the complaints, UBC quietly told some of the women in an email that it had expelled the student, telling one of the women that he is “no longer a student at the university.” The University would not disclose any details to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) on the reasons for the decision.

In this story from the University of Georgia a recent report from the Association of American Universities (AAU) claims that one in four women have experienced unwanted sexual contact at some point during their four years at a University. That statistic confirms what other studies have reported, but this one surveyed more than 150,000 students on 27 campuses at the end of the spring 2015. It was noted that the AAU survey revealed that the average rate on all campuses was as high or slightly higher than prior studies. September is always the highest time of the year because it’s in the “red zone”-that time of year when students are new to campus and are spreading their wings so to speak. They are much more vulnerable, and upperclassman know this and don’t hesitate to take advantage.

From the UK comes this story about a reclaim the night protest march. This is a modification of a similar program in the United States called “take back the night” which has been in existence for years. In the U.S. version, college students demonstrate and march bringing attention to campus assaults.

The story also included some tips for staying safe from a personal safety expert.

  1. Avoid distractions. Stay focused!
  2. If listening to music, keep one earphone out when walking or cycling alone.
  3. Talking on your cell phone will make you less aware of events happening around you.
  4. Walk with a sense of purpose and try to keep one hand free.
  5. Stay on busy streets whenever you can and away from badly lit areas.
  6. Your judgment can become clouded if you’ve had too many drinks, so be careful.
  7. Have your keys ready when you reach the door of your house, apartment or car and carry them on you, not in your bag.
  8. There is safety in numbers.
  9. Be suspicious of anyone anxious to talk to you or get your attention.

We have always recommended that women carry a stun gun or one our many best pepper sprays for women. The ones that we recommend the most are Keychain Pepper Sprays because they are more likely to be with you wherever you go. They can disable an assailant for as long as 45 minutes allowing you time to get away and seek help.

What is your experience with being assaulted? Share it with us so that our readers can benefit from your story.

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