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Hidden Camera Busts

Hidden Camera Busts

In our previous article about spy cameras  Is There A Hidden Spy Camera In Your Future? we talked about the five most common uses of hidden cameras: as a nanny camera, for home security, to catch abusive acts against senior citizens or children, business security and finally to catch acts of infidelity. In most of these cases, a hidden camera is the only way that you can catch these illegal or immoral acts. The evidence provided by a hidden camera will stand up in any court.

Today we are taking a look at six examples of how hidden cameras can be used in a wide variety of ways to catch people doing things they shouldn’t be doing- hidden camera busts.

Our first example takes us to Lansdale, Pennsylvania where a tipster reported that an employee bragged about not going grocery shopping for years. It seems he worked at a food pantry that was supposed to feed the needy but instead provided food for this employee. The local ABC affiliate set up hidden cameras to catch Theft From A Food Pantry. According to the tipster, he had told management about this issue but they did nothing. When confronted with the video evidence, they did an internal investigation resulting in the termination of the employee. Another proof of the power of a hidden camera.

In another example, CNN is reporting an Undercover Sting At Airports where local police set up hidden cameras to catch baggage handlers literally going through passengers’ bags on a shopping spree. The main two offenders were Miami and JFK. But TSA received more than 30,000 claims of missing valuables from checked luggage between 2010 and 2014. According to the story, the problem became so serious at JFK that in 2013 El Al airline set up their own hidden cameras in the baggage hold catching their baggage handlers stealing items on flights bound for Israel.

The NBC affiliate in Washington was showing a video they obtained from two men who shared an apartment which had been burglarized several times. Police could do nothing about the previous burglaries because of a lack of evidence. So the two set up hidden cameras to catch the bad guys. Sure enough, the Burglars Were Caught By Hidden Camera.

In another incident, police installed hidden cameras in the mailroom after several bizarre incidents involving threats to employees. As it turned out the Health Director was placed on leave after she became the primary suspect in the probe.

In Miami Gardens, Florida hidden cameras caught a former police chief in an undercover prostitution sting. According to the story, the former police chief responded to an ad in the escort section of a website that was set up as a sting operation in that city to catch folks in a prostitution ring. Officials had no idea that the police chief was involved. It is just another example of how hidden cameras can be used.

Up in Canada, W5, a news magazine television series produced by CTV News did a one-year Elder Abuse Investigation that uncovered at least 1,500 cases of staff to resident abuse and neglect in nursing homes. Behind those statistics are some sad stories of all kinds of abuse.

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Please share your experience with hidden cameras? We want to hear from you.

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