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Home Security: Four Tools to Make Your Home Safer

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Homeowners have a lot to care about. From maintaining the state of their home to meeting recurring mortgage payments, there are many considerations that need to stay on your mind. Any homeowners that have a growing family know the added stressors that come with watching over their mini brigade. 

Moreover, homeowners—single, partnered, or with family—have to regularly worry about the security of their humble abode. Although home break-ins have decreased slightly in recent years, violent crimes have risen across the country. This is a troubling fact, and it’s one that homeowners need to remain aware of when thinking about the safety of their property. 

Burglaries tend to prove fruitful for criminals. With low risk and high yield, criminals can easily break into your home and rush off, unseen, with notable high-ticket items from your home, which can include televisions, jewelry, personal documents, cash, and more. However, there are gadgets available to the public which can increase your overall home security efforts. Here are four of our favorites. 

Home Security Alarm System

Past studies have shown that homes without an installed alarm system are 2.7 times more likely to be burglarized than homes with such systems in place. Home security alarm systems offer you the added benefit of protection against robberies and property crimes, which take place every few seconds in the United States. 

The Streetwise™ wireless driveway alarm is the ideal item for homeowners looking to provide a basic level of protection and security to their homes. Only requiring a few seconds of installation, this wireless driveway alarm can notify you of any approaching person or vehicle within a 400-foot range, all thanks to its infrared motion-detection technology. Placed by your front door, atop your garage, or by your mailbox, you can effectively keep an eye on anyone approaching your home. 

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Home Surveillance Systems

While it’s good to have an alarm system that can make you aware of break-ins and strangers approaching, you should also consider having a device that can catch an intruder on camera. Whether it’s inside or outside of your home, home surveillance systems make it easy to keep an eye on your home at all times. 

One easy option to incorporate into your home security plan is the installation of a dummy security camera. Often featuring blinking red lights, cables, and realistic housing for the camera, these fake security cameras look real. Many people have trouble distinguishing between real and fake cameras—many aren’t willing to risk it, either! Although, genuine surveillance systems are the real deal. If you ever need something realistic, you can rely on a true high-quality security cam to keep 24/7 surveillance of your property.  

Smart Lights

Technology continues to surpass itself each year. For home security, the advent of smart lighting systems has proven incredibly useful. Controllable by a timer, app, phone, or motion detection, you can illuminate your house as needed. In some cases, keeping a light on either inside or outside of your home can reduce the likelihood of it being targeted for a robbery. Motion-sensitive light fixtures can be used to ward off potential robbers and aggressors, removing the cloak of darkness that they rely on.   

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Outdoor Key Safes

Almost everyone knows the trick of keeping a spare house key beneath the welcome mat outside your front door. At this point, it’s become a joke, and it’s one of the easiest places a robber can check to find a way to enter your house without breaking a lock. One option to increase home security is to rely on a lockbox that allows the storage of a key. Accessible via a scrolling combination lock, you can keep the key available for specific family members and guests. 

If you’re looking for a separate option—one that doesn’t even require a key—you can purchase a keyless door lock for your home. Best fit for garage entryways (that often feature another inner door that requires a key for entry) or Airbnb housing, these keyless units make it easy to ensure that only the right people are getting into your home. 

Prevention Is Key

Improving home security starts with finding tools that will prevent a burglary before it can happen. Real security cameras offer the advantage of providing legal evidence of crimes and other suspicious activities, while dummy security cameras are a deterrent to would-be criminals, acting as a visual reminder to stay away.  At The Home Security Superstore, we have all the home security tools you need to help protect you and your family against any potential aggressor.  

Here are some more helpful home security tips to protect your home and your family from criminals.

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