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Real or Fake: Benefits of Real and Dummy Security Cameras

home security camera

Looking for clear surveillance or burglar deterrent on your property? Whether it’s for your home or your business, security cameras offer added protection from robberies, trespassing, and other crimes. They don’t always have to be real, though. There are real security cameras, but there are also dummy security cameras. Both can provide an ample form of security, with their own list of benefits.

The Home Security Superstore offers both kinds of surveillance cameras, and we have a rundown of the benefits of both to help you decide which kind you may want.

home security camera

Genuine Surveillance Cameras: The Real Deal

Security cameras are a vital piece when it comes to a proper surveillance system. They come in many different forms to make it easy to keep track of what goes on in and outside your property. At The Home Security Superstore, we have a vast selection of security cameras to choose from, from motion sensor cameras to nanny cams. Here are some of the types you can find:

Motion Activated

Cameras that are activated by motion are very effective for both home and business security. Not only do motion sensor cameras provide thorough surveillance, but they capture the moment when motion occurs and saves you the time lost to sitting through hours of security footage. 

HD Cameras

When you’re dealing with a break-in or trespassing, the last thing you want is grainy footage. With a high definition camera, though, you can say goodbye to blurred images. These cameras can capture videos at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or higher.

Nanny Cams

If you have a child or elderly relative, or you just want hidden security within your home, nanny cams are ideal for monitoring discreetly. They come in a variety of forms, including stuffed animals or even lamps to keep them completely hidden.

fake security camera

Fake Security Cameras: An Effective Facade

Security systems are important, but also costly to purchase and set up. One way to save money and still keep unwanted visitors off your property is through fake camera security. Dummy security cameras look like the real deal, but are just a decoy to make burglars and trespassers have second thoughts. 

Our selection of security items include a variety of fake security camera systems that are affordable and just as functional as the real ones. If you’re looking for a reliable way to deter criminals, here are some of the convincing features of dummy security cameras:

Motion Sensors

While it may not be recording, a fake cam can detect motion and use a signal to alert people in your store or home that it’s watching them. Cams with red LED lights that trigger through motion can be very convincing. 

Authentic Looking

Even though dummy cams lack an actual recording system, they’re designed to look real in order to be effective. Unless people can take a closer look, it looks like any other security camera.

Swiveling Motion

Fake cams with swiveling heads can be additionally convincing when it comes to fake camera security. You can find bullet and dome-style cameras with these features, and the heads will swivel at periodic intervals.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Surveillance

Whether you want cameras you can hide strategically and capture clear footage of motion on or affordable devices that will deter criminals, The Home Security Superstore has you covered with high-quality security products. We’re dedicated to providing you with effective means of surveillance with a wide selection of wares, from motion sensor cameras to fake dome cameras. We offer reliable 24/7 tech support for our systems, and will help you install our products to give you peace of mind. Your safety matters to us and we’re here to help you stay secure.

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