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Home Security 101 – The Basics

Home Security 101 – The Basics

At The Home Security Superstore, we want to help all of our customers protect themselves and their homes. We also understand that home security can seem like a daunting task, so we’ve broken down some of the most helpful home security tips into a single easy-to-understand guide called Home Security 101.

According to statistics from the FBI, nearly 80% of all crimes are property related. Property crimes occur every 3 seconds, home burglaries happen every 15 seconds, and nearly 20% of all homes are burglarized every year. Because of these crimes, every homeowner needs to understand how to protect their homes from criminals.

Home Security Tips

Below are 10 of the most important home security tips that every homeowner should know:

1. Lock Your Doors and Windows

Over half of all burglaries happen through unsecured entryways, so locking your doors and windows is an easy way to protect your home.

2. Don’t Invite Strangers Inside

If your door has a peephole, use it before opening your door to avoid letting strangers into your house.

3. Close Your Garage Door

Many homeowners leave their garages open, especially during the hot summer months. This is extending an open invitation to thieves though.

4. Join Your Local Neighborhood Watch

You won’t always be around to watch your house, but a neighborhood watch is a great way to always keep a watchful eye on your property.

5. Buy Solid Locks and Doors

If burglars can’t easily enter your house, they might try to break down the doors. Buying strong doors and solid locks or deadbolts can help prevent this.

6. Use Tempered Glass Windows

Glass windows are easy to break and provide an easy way for burglars to enter your home. Tempered glass windows are much tougher and can stop a burglar from breaking your windows.

7. Leave The Lights On

If you won’t be home at night, turning your lights on can convince a burglar that somebody is still home, which may scare them away. If you don’t want to leave your lights on every time you leave your house, The Home Security Superstore sells home security lights that keep your home adequately-lit when you are out of the house, making the house appear occupied to prevent intruders and property crime.

8. Buy an Alarm System

One of the best ways to protect your home is using an alarm system that will alert you to any potential break-ins while calling the police and scaring away intruders. The Home Security Superstore sells a variety of door and window alarms for any household.

9. Use Signs to Scare Away Burglars

Even if you don’t have an alarm system, you can put a sign in your yard that claims you have one installed. Burglars might avoid breaking into your home if they think it’s being protected.

10. Use Common Sense

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to stop burglars. Sometimes basic common sense is often enough to help you find creative ways to protect your home without breaking the bank.

Home Security Basics

By following these simple tips, you can drastically increase your home security and keep yourself and your family safe. Remember, burglars are always looking for an easy way to break into a house, so make sure that your home is prepared for any potential intruders. Be proactive, stay informed, and equip your home with all the proper security measures today.

At The Home Security Superstore, we believe in providing our customers with the products and knowledge that empower them to safeguard their homes from burglars. Our goal is to arm you with the essential tools needed to protect yourself and keep intruders at bay. We strive to help our customers feel safe and secure in their own homes and are here to help you with all your home security needs. Contact us today for more information on how to make your home a safer place.

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