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Home Security 101 – The Basics

If you’ve ever taken a course at college level you know the entry-level designation is 101. That seems to be the universal way of saying these are the basics of the subject you’re trying to learn. It is no different with home security 101. It is the foundation and the basics from which everything else is built.

There are so many facets to home security that it’s impossible to cover them all. That’s why we’re limiting it to the basic principles. And why is home security 101 important to learn? FBI stats show that nationally close to 80% of all crime was property related; property crime happens every 3 seconds; a home burglary every 15 seconds and close to 20% of all homes are burglarized on an annual basis. So it is important for homeowners to learn the basics of home security, and once you have the basics down, then you can improve upon the security of your home.

Several of these items fall in the category of just plain old common sense. Among those are:

1. Locking doors and windows. Over half of all burglaries happen through unsecured entryways.

2. Use your peephole in your front door. If you don’t have one, get one. Never let a anyone in without knowing exactly who it is.

3. One of my favorites is in summertime people leave their garage doors open one or two feet so that hot air doesn’t build up. Hello! That’s like extending an invitation to someone to walk in your house.

4. Join a neighborhood watch program. There’s safety in numbers and when there’s more than one person watching your house, your chances of having a safe neighborhood greatly increase.

5. Consider getting solid core doors and locks that have dead bolts. This helps bolster the security at your main entryway.

6. Use tempered glass by the front door. Burglars or home invaders won’t hesitate to break a window to unlock a door.

7. If you’re going away on vacation, make sure your home has a lived-in look. You can do that with lights that are on timers.

8. Get some window and door alarms. They are the cheapest home security products available.

9. Trim all trees and shrubs around lower-level doors and windows. Otherwise, you’re creating excellent hiding places for the bad guys.

10. Put up some signs in your front yard that sends a message to the would be burglars. NRA stickers work great; signs of a security system are excellent; even a sign that you have a vicious guard dog works very well and you don’t need the dog.

11. Above all else use common sense and you won’t have to spend a lot of money to improve your security because you just passed home security 101-congratulations!

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