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Home Security-Customer Favorite Window/Door Alarms

Home security is extremely important not just for homeowners but apartment dwellers as well. Instances of home burglary in neighborhoods around the country vary but, on average, over the years one out of every six homes will be a victim of home burglary. Burglars steal close to $2,000, on average, every time they break into a home.

Of all the things that you can do to improve your home security, installing window and door alarms may be the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to protect your home. Here we are going to discuss the top three customer favorite window and door alarms. You may want to get some for your home’s security.

One of the most effective home security alarms to prevent burglary is a portable door alarm that simply hangs over the inside door knob at your home, apartment or even in a motel room. It is so sensitive that even when the door knock is touched from the outside, a piercing 130 dB alarm sounds scaring away any would be intruders. It needs no wiring because it’s battery operated-needing just one 9 volt battery.

This popular Door Wedge Alarm sells for $8.95 which is one of the reasons why it is a customer favorite. But more importantly it is very flexible and can be used for home or away. The wedge itself can block the door from opening but there’s a pressurized sensor on the top of the wedge in an anti-slide pad that prevents slippage on the floor. When someone tries to enter the sensor sounds a 125 dB alarm which is loud enough to scare away any would-be intruder. It also operates on one 9 V battery.

Then a favorite for home security and burglary prevention is a set of four Mini Contact Alarms that sells for $9.99. You simply place these alarms on a window or door on your property. When someone opens the door or window a 90 dB alarm sounds. It can also be set to chime mode to inform you of visitors or place near a cash register in your business to prevent theft. The alarm can also be deactivated by toggling the switch button on the alarm to the off position. Batteries are included and each packaging comes with four (4) units.

You needn’t spend a lot of money for home security or burglary prevention when these inexpensive home security alarms can do the job. Window alarms in particular are extremely effective at deterring burglars.

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