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Home Security-Customer Favorite Wireless Alarm Systems

One of the most effective and yet least expensive ways to improve your home security and prevent burglary is with a wireless security system that may or may not have alarms in it.

Burglary prevention is the most critical piece of the home security puzzle. A wireless security system featuring wireless alarms can be an effective deterrent to home burglary and greatly improve your home security.

In this article we will take a look at the two most popular customer favorite wireless security systems. They are definitely not the same. One may be preferable to the other for your situation.

The first one is the popular HomeSafe brand Wireless Security System which features easy installation and no monthly monitoring fees. It has a programmable keypad that allows for easy arming and disarming using the remote control which also has a panic button that can be used as a caretaker emergency notification system for the elderly. The main feature is an auto dialer, that once activated, sounds a 105 db alarm from any one of the sensors, up to five numbers that are pre-programmed into the main control box by the homeowner, are dialed in sequence. This unit is very flexible with the capability of adding up to 14 additional HomeSafe wireless sensors. The wireless window/door sensor has a wireless transmission range to base unit of 300′ feet. The motion detector sensor has a detection range up to 8 yards, a detection angle up to 110 degrees and a wireless transmission range to base unit of 300′ feet.

This system is compatible with the Electronic Watchdog with a signal range of up to 300 feet.

This wireless alarm system does not work on digital phone systems. You must have analog phone this system to work.

The next is the less well known Voice Alert Annunciator that can monitor up to 6 zones of 1600 square feet each using PIR motion activated transmitters. The transmitters are weatherproof and can be used indoors or outdoors the base unit allows you to record six separate messages of 6 ? seconds each. You have the capability of testing each recorded message which can be changed easily. The signal can be transmitted up to 1000 feet in open space or 300 feet through walls. This unit is particularly effective for bigger properties or commercial applications.

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