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Home Security: Home Safes-Top Three Customer Favorites

It is not our imagination that tells us that home burglary prevention is on the minds of more homeowners and apartment dwellers than ever before. One of the best ways to improve your home security and protect your valuables is with a safe. Safes come in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. They range from huge gun safes that can hold as many as 20 or more rifles to small fruit jar size diversion safes.

In this article we are discussing the top three customer favorite home safes.

Diversion Safes are definitely one of the customer favorites for home burglary prevention. The idea behind them in simple. Take an ordinary product that you see in the kitchen or bathroom with a hollowed out interior so there’s a secret hiding place for valuables and voila! You have a diversion safe. The kitchen and bathrooms are actually the last places the bad guys look for items of value. Who would think to look for jewelry in a peanut butter jar hidden in “plain sight” in the kitchen?

Next on our list is the famous Hollon brand Digital Electronic Safe which has a programmable electronic keypad lock system for ultimate security. It is fireproof rated for two hours and has a vertical locking bar and tri-spoke handle that helps prevent burglary. Even though it weighs a hefty 354 pounds it still has predrilled mounting holes so it can be firmly attached to a floor as a further burglary prevention measure. It has 2.36 cubic feet of storage space inside the safe. Additional security measures are three chrome plated steel active locking bolts and a heavy duty vault hinge. Two adjustable removable shelves are included.

The LS-17EN home safe Keypad Closet Safe is a perfect solution for storing cash, passports, small handguns, gold, jewelry and other valuables. It can easily be installed in closets, RVs, condos, hospital rooms and more. The electronic lock is programmable with any combination of numbers with 3 to 8 digits giving you the capability of millions of codes. It has predrilled mounting holes for the floor, cabinet, shelf or wall. It comes with two keys that are emergency manual override keys.

Why risk your valuables when home burglary is so prevalent? One out of every six homes is a victim every year. You can protect your valuables with one of our customer favorite diversion safes or one of our home safes and improve your home security and provide home burglary prevention.

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